Class 12 Hindi Answer Key Term-1  

Hindi Answer Key Class 12, Paper Code- 002/2/4, Series-SSJ/2: Today CBSE has conducted the Class 12 Hindi Core & Elective Exam for the students who have opted for the Hindi language. If you have attempted in today's Class 12th Hindi Term-1 Exam and want to know the correct responses to the questions asked refer to this article, as we will be discussing the complete Class 12th Hindi Answer Key for your reference as soon the exam is over.  From this academic year, CBSE has shifted board exams to the two-term board-exam pattern that consists of Multiple-Choice Questions in the Term-1 Exam. 

Hindi Answer Key Class 12

Central Board of Secondary Education has divided the Class 12 Hindi Board Exam into two Terms. In Term-1 the exam there will be 55 questions divided into three sections out of which students have to attempt 40 questions for which the exam pattern that has been followed is as follows-

1. Section A consists of 2 questions with 20 sub-questions. Attempt a total of 10 sub-questions from this section.

2. Section B consists of 4 questions with 21 sub-questions. Attempt a total of 16 sub-questions from this section.

3. Section C consists of 3 questions with 14 sub-questions and have to attempt complete section. 

Class 12 Hindi Answer Key 2021

The official Hindi Answer Key for Class 12 Term-1 can be tentatively released by CBSE once all subject exams are over for Class 12. However, for the satisfaction of students and to know their expected marks for the Class 12 Hindi Exam priorly, we are providing an Unofficial Hindi Class 12 Answer Key term 1 exam which is given below on the page.

Hindi Answer Key Class 12 Term-1 (Paper Code- 002/2/4, series-SSJ/2)
Exam Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education
ClassCBSE Class 12
Exam NameHindi Core & Elective
Post CategoryAnswer Key
CodePaper Code- 002/2/4, series-SSJ/2. 
Exam Date16th December 2021 (Thursday)
Hindi Answer Key Class 12 16th December 2021
Official Answer KeyTo be notified
Official Website

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Answer Key 2021

To know the accurate CBSE Class 12 Answer key stay tuned with us, as we will be updating the correct answers to all questions asked in today's Class 12 Hindi Exam. In this section, we will be discussing the CBSE Class 12 Answer Key for Paper Code- 002/2/4, series-SSJ/2. 

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Answer Key Term 1 Exam

Hindi Answer Key for Class 12 Term 1 Exam, Paper Code- 002/2/4, Series-SSJ/2
Q1- AQ2- BQ3- BQ4- BQ5- C
Q6- AQ7- DQ8- CQ9- CQ10- C
Q11- CQ12- BQ13- BQ14- BQ15- D
Q16- CQ17- CQ18- DQ19- BQ20- B
Q21- DQ22- DQ23- BQ24- CQ25- B 
Q26- DQ27- DQ28- CQ29- DQ30- B
Q31- BQ32- DQ33- AQ34- DQ35- A
Q36- BQ37- AQ38- DQ39- DQ40- A
Q41- DQ42- BQ43- DQ44- BQ45- D 
Q46- DQ47- BQ48- DQ49- AQ50- C
Q51- AQ52- DQ53- BQ54- BQ55- B
Q56- DQ57- BQ58- D  

Q31. संचार के माध्यमों में से सबसे आधुनिक माध्यम है

a) रेडियो

b) समाचार पत्र

c) इंटरनेट

d) टेलिविज़न

Answer- b

Q32. रेडियो प्रसारण के लिए प्रस्तुत की जाने वाली समाचार कॉपी को तैयार किया जाना चाहिए

a) सिंगल स्पेस

b) डबल स्पेस

c) बिना स्पेस

d) ट्रिपल स्पेस

Answer- d

Q33. भारत में पहला छापाखाना कब और कहाँ खुला

a) सन 1556 गोवा में

b) सन 1556 कलकत्ता में

c) सन 1856 गोवा में

d) सन 1856 कलकत्ता में

Answer- a

Q34. भुगतान के आधार पर अलग अलग अखबारो में काम करने वाला पत्रकार कहलाता है

a) पूर्णकालिक पत्रकार

b) अंशकालिक पत्रकार

c) अल्पकालिक पत्रकार

d) फ़्रीलान्सर पत्रकार

Answer- d

Q35. समाचार लेखन के पहले चार ककार (क्या, कौन, कब, और कहाँ) आधारित होते है-

a) सूचनाओं और तथ्यों पर

b) व्याख्या और विवरण पर

c) विश्लेषण और तथ्यों पर

d) व्याख्या और सूचना पर

Answer- a

Class 12 Hindi Term-1 Question Paper- 002/2/4, series-SSJ/2 

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Ans. In total, student have to attempt for 40 questions.

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