Class 12 English Syllabus 2023: CBSE has published the syllabus of class 12th for the academic year 2023. In this academic year, CBSE will conduct class 12th board exam annually. The English Syllabus is given briefly in this article. Students shouldn’t ignore language papers i.e. English, they should start English preparation with other subjects because it holds equal marks as other subjects. The questions asked in English are quite easy than in other subjects, hence this subject can help students to boost their overall percentage. In this article, we have provided the complete details of the Syllabus.

Class 12 English Syllabus 2023 

Class 12th English examinations will hold a total of 80 marks together. Whereas, Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills comprises of 20 Marks, the Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills, consist of Listening Skills( 5 Marks), Speaking Skills(5 Marks) and Project Work(10 Marks). 

CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023 (Core)

CBSE Class 12 Core English Syllabus 2023
Reading Comprehension

1.Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive or persuasive)(10 Marks)

2. Case-Based Unseen (Factual) Passage(10 Marks)

20 Marks                          
Creative Writing Skills

1.Short Writing Tasks – Notice up to 50 words(5 Marks), Formal/Informal Invitation and Reply up to 50 words(5 Marks).

2.Long Writing Tasks – Letters Writing( for a job with bio data or resume/Letters to the editor)up to 120-150 words(5 Marks), Article/ Report Writing up to 120-150 words(5 Marks)

20 Marks

Question Based upon MCQs, Objective Type Questions, Short Answer Type Questions and Long Answer Type Questions to assess comprehension, analysis, interpretation and extrapolation beyond the text

  1. Based upon Poetry(Flamingo)-6 Marks
  2. Based upon Prose (Flamingo)- 4 Marks
  3. Based upon Prose (Flamingo)- 6 Marks
  4. Short answer type from Prose and Poetry (Flamingo)- 10 Marks
  5. Short answer type from Prose (Vistas)- 4 Marks
  6. One Long answer type from Prose/Poetry (Flamingo)- 5 Marks
  7. One Long answer type based on the chapters (Vistas)- 5 Marks
Total Marks80 Marks

CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023- Literature(Core)

Book-Flamingo (Prose) 

  1. The Last Lesson
  2. Lost Spring
  3. Deep Water
  4. The Rattrap
  5. Indigo
  6. Poets and Pancakes
  7. The Interview
  8. Going Places

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

  1. My Mother at Sixty-Six
  2. Keeping Quiet
  3. A Thing of Beauty
  4. A Roadside Stand
  5. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers


  1. The Third Level
  2. The Tiger King
  3. Journey to the end of the Earth
  4. The Enemy
  5. On the Face of It
  6. Memories of Childhood
  • The Cutting of My Long Hair
  • We Too are Human Beings

CBSE Class 12 Core English Syllabus Marking Scheme

1.Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing Skills, Literature 80 Marks
2.Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills20 Marks
Total100 Marks

CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023(Elective)

Here we have mentioned the Class 12th English Elective Syllabus 2023.

CBSE Class 12 Elective English Syllabus
 Reading Comprehension 
  1. Unseen passage (literary or discursive)(12 Marks)
  2. Unseen Poem(4 Marks)
  3. Case-Based Factual Passage(4 Marks)
20 Marks
Applied GrammarTransformation of Sentences 08 Marks

Creative Writing Skills


  1. Three Long Writing Task (Discursive/interpretative writing)(15 Marks)
  2. One Long Writing Task Essay (on an Argumentative/Discursive/Contemporary topics)
20 Marks
Literature MCQs (from Kaleidoscope) from short stories/poetry /non-fiction/ drama22 Marks
Fiction10 Marks
Seminar20 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks

CBSE Class 12 English Elective Syllabus 2023- Literature 

MCQs (from Kaleidoscope) from short stories/poetry /non-fiction/ drama

Book- Kaleidoscope-Short Stories

  1. I Sell my Dreams
  2. Eveline
  3. A Wedding in Brownsville

Book- Kaleidoscope-Poetry

  1. A Lecture Upon the Shadow
  2. Poems by Milton
  3. Poems by Blake
  4. Kubla Khan
  5. Trees
  6. The Wild Swans of Coole
  7. Time and Time Again

Book- Kaleidoscope- Nonfiction

  1. Freedom
  2. The Mark on the Wall
  3. Film-making
  4. Why the Novel Matters
  5. The Argumentative Indian

Book- Kaleidoscope-Drama


Novel- Fiction- A Tiger for Malgudi or The Financial Expert by R.K. Narayan 

How to complete the syllabus of the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus?

Go through the whole syllabus of English and create a monthly plan according to your convenience. Divide topics on the daily basis, and complete them on time. In this way, you can complete the entire syllabus in small chunks and you won’t feel any burden while preparation yet you will complete the syllabus on time. 

How to increase focus while studying CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus?

You can increase focus by daily mediation and exercise, if you don’t feel like doing mediation and exercise then sports is an alternative option for you. Do not multitask, yes you heard it right. Do one thing at a time with full concentration, it will help you a lot to boost your focus. 

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CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus : FAQs

Ans. Yes, The CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus for the academic year 2023 has changed. Now the exam will held annually, the detailed syllabus of English has been discussed above.

Class 12th English Syllabus has Three Sections -Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Literature

Yes, NCERT books are more than enough to clear Class 12 English exams with flying colors.

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