SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: Today 16 August, Shift 1 Review

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SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: The shift-1 SSC CGL Exam of Day-2 is over and candidates who came out of the exam hall are satisfied with their attempts and they have discussed the difficulty level of questions, types of GA-GK Questions asked and we have prepared this SSC CGL Exam Analysis 16th August 2021, Shift-1 for helping the candidates who are waiting for their turn for the upcoming shifts. The SSC CGL Exam Analysis would be helpful to know the good attempts required to score in the 1st Shift.

As the candidates who appeared in Shift-1 of 16th August 2021 reported that the level of the exam was “Easy to Moderate”, the quantitative section was quite lengthy, English and Reasoning sections were comparatively easy. To get the section-wise detailed SSC CGL Today Exam Analysis, do refer to the below article.

Let us go through each parameter one by one and start with SSC CGL Today's Exam Analysis & Review.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: 16 August, 1st Shift

As the first day first slot of the examination has already been conducted, it is time to go for Exam Analysis of SSC CGL 2020-21 Tier-1 exam. Let’s have a look at the detailed Section-Wise and overall analysis of the first slot of SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 Exam.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: Overall

For this shift, the difficulty level of the exam can be considered as Easy to Moderate.

Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
English Comprehension Easy 19-21
Quantitative Aptitude Easy-Moderate 17-18
General Intelligence Easy-Moderate 20-21
General Awareness Easy-Moderate 16-18
Overall Easy-Moderate 77-81

SSC CGL Overall Good Attempts

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam consists of 4 sections- General Intelligence Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language with 100 MCQ questions for 2 marks each. Based on the various factors, we have tabulated the expected overall good attempts for SSC CGL Exam, Shift-1 held on 16 August 2021. As per the SSC CGL Exam Analysis, the overall good attempts could range between 77-81.

SSC CGL Difficulty Level

On the basis of student’s review who appeared in the Shift-1 SSC CGL Exam on 16 August 2021, the overall difficulty level of the exam was “Easy to Moderate”. Have a look at the section-wise difficulty level from the below table.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: Video Analysis

To know the exact and detailed analysis of the SSC CGL Exam held on 16th August 2021, connect our experts from the below video where all the sections are discussed in detail.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: General Awareness

General Awareness yet again was Easy to Moderate. The major area of focus this year was on the field of Current Affairs, Sports and Dance, Book and Author, Science, Geography etc. Most of the Current Affairs questions are asked from 2020. Current Affairs and History were given a higher weightage this time in General Awareness Section of SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 Exam.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
1 History 3 Easy-Moderate
2 Polity 2 Easy
3 Geography 2 Easy-Moderate
4 Economics 1 Easy-Moderate
5 Static Awareness 3-4 Easy-Moderate
6 Biology 3 Easy
7 Chemistry 1-2 Easy-Moderate
8 Physics 1 Easy-Moderate
9 Current Affairs 6-7 Easy
Total Questions 25 Easy-Moderate

The questions related to General Awareness and GK asked in the exam are below:

  1. In which article GST is included?: Articel 279
  2. National Girl Child Day in observed in which date? 24 January
  3. Who was the author of the poetic work Amukta Malyada? Krishnadevaraya
  4. Governor from which state who passed away in January 2021? Mata Prasad (Arunachal Pradesh)
  5. The water-soluble Vitamin- Vitamin B and C
  6. Which element in chilli peppers makes them spicy? - Capsaicin
  7. The three laws of planetary motion were discovered by? Johannes Kepler
  8. Last Nawab of Hyderabad?
  9. What id the valency of halogen group? 1, 7
  10. Xerophthalmia is caused due to the deficiency of? Vitamin A
  11. Malaria is caused by? a parasite
  12. Rickets is caused due to deficiency of? Vitamin D
  13. In which state Autumn thullal dance is famous? Kerala
  14. Who is the chairman of chess federation of india? Arkady Dvorkovich

Check Full List of SSC CGL GA GK Questions Asked in Today's Exam

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: English Language

In SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2021, English language section was of Easy level, this time there were no RC(Reading Comprehension) instead there were 1 Cloze Test with 5 questions based on it and questions from it were of Easy level. The Cloze Test topic is based on Communication in India. There were 2-2 questions are asked from sntonyms and synonyms.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
1 Fill in the Blanks 1 Easy
2 Sentence Improvement 2 Easy-Moderate
3 Error Detection 2 Easy-Moderate
4 Para Jumble 2 Easy-Moderate
5 Idioms and Phrases 1 Easy
6 Synonyms 2 Easy
7 Antonyms 2 Easy
8 Active Passive 2 Easy-Moderate
9 One word substitution 2 Easy-Moderate
10 Word Correction in sentence (bold word) 1 Moderate
11 Sentence Improvement 2 Easy
12 Cloze test 5 Easy-Moderate
Total Questions 25 Easy-Moderate



Idiom and Phrases-

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: Quantitative Aptitude

The entire Quantitative Aptitude Paper was Easy-Moderate level. Quantitative Aptitude section was lengthy. Maximum questions were asked form Arithmatic section. A few questions demanded rigorous calculations. Maximum questions were asked from Ratio, Average, Number System, Trigonometry & DI (Tabular). There is no questions from Co-ordinate Geometry topics.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked Level of Exam
1 Ratio 2 Easy-Moderate
2 Average 1 Easy-Moderate
3 Number System 2 Easy
4 Simplification 2 Easy-Moderate
5 Time & Work 1 Moderate
6 Time, Speed & Distance 1 Easy-Moderate
7 Simple Interest 1 Easy-Moderate
8 Profit & Loss 1 Easy
9 SI & CI 1 Easy-Moderate
10 Geometry 2 Easy-Moderate
11 Mensuration 3 Easy-Moderate
12 Trigonometry 2 Easy
12 Percentage 1 Easy
12 Algebra 1 Easy
13 DI (Tabular) 4 Easy-Moderate
14 Boat & Stream 1 Easy-Moderate
Total Questions 25

Q1. x+y+z=2, xy+yz+zx=11, find x3+ y3+z3?

Q2. Ratio of Mother & Daughter age is 7:1, after 5 years ratio is 4:1. Find difference in the age of mother and daughter?

Q3. 5x 423y -88, find 5x-2y

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: Reasoning

The General Intelligence/Reasoning section of SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 exam was easy to moderate. While Coding-Decoding, Number Series, Analogy, Calendar, Syllogism and Odd One Out questions were easy. The is one question from dice.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked Level Of Exam
1 Analogy 2 (Number + Word) Easy
2 Odd One Out 2-3 Easy
3 Dictionary order 1 Easy-Moderate
4 Statement & Conclusions 1 Easy
5 Distance-Directions 1
6 Syllogism 1
7 Oder-Ranking 1
8 Coding-Decoding 2 Easy
9 Non-Verbal 3-4 Easy
10 Number Series 2
11 Blood Relation 1 Difficult
12 Venn Diagram 1 Easy
13 Mirror Image 1 Easy
14 Missing Term 2 Easy
15 Dice 1 Easy-Moderate
16 Embeded Diagram 1 Easy-Moderate
16 Calendar 1 Easy-Moderate
Total Questions 25 Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 2021: FAQs

Q1. What is the good attempt of SSC CGL Shift-1 on 16th August 2021.

Ans. The expected good attempt for shift-1 is 77 to 81.

Q2. Was the difficulty level of 16th August different from the SSC CGL 13th August Exam?

Ans. As analysed by our experts, the difficulty level for both days was Easy to Moderate.

Q3. From which year the current affair section was covered?

Most of the current affair questions were asked from year 2020.

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