One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution: One Word Substitution is an essential topic of vocabulary. As the name suggests, questions based on this concept ask you to replace a given sentence with an appropriate word. One word substitution is an important concept in the English language as it makes communication much more concise, lucid, and easy. One-Word Substitution refers to those types of questions where a sentence or a phrase is simply replaced by a word that describes the whole sentence. One-word substitution makes the sentence structure more precise. One-word substitution questions frequently occur in many national-level exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CSHL, UPSC, Defence Exams, and other competitive exams.  The best way to learn the concept of One Word Substitution is to learn by framing sentences or visualising the words through an interesting story. 

One Word Substitution Examples

Let's understand One Word Substitution with few examples as below-

• This person is a hater of mankind: This person is a misanthrope.

• Her younger son has an extreme fear of dogs: Her son has cynophobia.

• I am interested in the study of ancient things: I am interested in archaeology.

• That boy keeps himself very reserved and conservative: That boy is an introvert.

• She is someone who puts forth an idea that she herself doesn’t believe: She is a Hypocrite

List of One Word Substitution

The categories of One Word Substitution in English Grammar can be categorised into the following- 

  1. Study-related
  2. Types of Fear
  3. Terms-related
  4. Group/Collection
  5. Likes/Dislikes
  6. Government/Political Systems-related
  7. People/Person
  8. Profession/Occupation
  9. Science/Research
  10. Killing/Death-related
  11. Sound/Event/Spots

Learn One Word Substitution for each category from the below section and enhance your vocabulary skills. 

One Word Substitution related to Study

One Word Substitution related to Study
One Word SubstitutionPhrases
AviationStudy of flying aero planes
AstronomyStudy of celestial bodies
AlchemyThe ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher’s stone. 
The medieval version of the study of Chemistry
AcousticsStudy of sound and sound waves
AnthropologyThe study of the evolution of mankind
AstronomyStudy of Stars
BotanyThe study of plants
BiologyStudy of Living Things
CalligraphyArt related to ornate, good handwriting
ChronologyThe science of time order
DemographyThe study of statistics
EntomologyStudy of science of insects
EcologyStudy of the relation between the organism and their environment
GeneticsStudy of hereditary, genes and variation in living organisms
GeologyThe study of rocks and soil
GeographyMapping of earth and its formation
GraphologyStudy of handwriting
GerontologyStudy of various aspects of ageing
HydraulicsStudy of the law of the flow of water and other liquids
LexicographyThe practice of writing dictionaries
NumismaticsStudy of collection of coins, tokens, paper money etc.
OrnithologyStudy of birds
PhilologyThe study of languages
PalaeographyThe study of ancient writing and scriptures
PsychologyThe study of Human Mind
PsephologyStudy of election trends
TheologyStudy of religion

One Word Substitution related to Types of Fear

One Word Substitution related to Types of Fear
One Word SubstitutionPhrases
EcophobiaFear of home surroundings
ZoophobiaFear of animals
ClaustrophobiaFear of closed space
HydrophobiaFear of Water
BibliophobiaFear of books
XenophobiaFear or dislike of foreigners
NecrophobiaFear of dead body
AerophobiaFear of height
OphiophobiaFear of snakes
SyngenesophobiaFear of relatives
NomophobiaFear of being without your mobile phone

One Word Substitution related to Killing & Manias

One Word Substitution related to Killing & Manias
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
MariticideThe killing of one's husband
ParricideThe killing of parents
GenocideThe killing of a whole race
InfanticideThe killing of a newborn child
RegicideThe killing of a king
HomicideThe killing of a human being
SuicideThe killing of oneself
PatricideThe killing of a father
MatricideThe killing of a mother
FratricideThe killing of one's brother
SororicideThe killing of one's sister
UxoricideThe killing of one's wife
DipsomaniaMorbid compulsion to keep on consuming alcohol
KleptomaniaMorbid compulsion to steal
BibliokleptomaniaMorbid compulsion to steal books
PyromaniaMorbid compulsion to start a fire
MegalomaniaMorbid delusion of power, importance or godliness
NymphomaniaMorbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a woman
SatyromaniaMorbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a man
MonomaniaA person with a one-track mind
MythomaniaThe compulsion to tell lies
ManiaMadness with an obsession with something

One Word Substitution related to Things, Events & Places

One Word Substitution related to Things, Events & Places
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
SolariumA place for the sun to enter where one can sunbath
AquariumA glass container in which fish and other water animals can be kept
PodiumA place for feet or a speaker's platform
AuditoriumThe part of a theatre where people who are watching and listening sit
PlanetariumAn optical device for projecting various celestial images and effects    
SanatoriumAn establishment for the treatment of the chronically ill
MuseumA place where objects are exhibited
DeciduousTrees whose leaves fall every autumn
IncidentThat which falls upon befalls happens
AccidentThat which falls to someone or something
OccidentalThat which falls on the western countries
Alma MaterThe school or college one attends
AutomobileA self-moving vehicle
AutomaticA machine that functions by itself
PerambulatorA baby carriage
AmbulanceA carriage for sick people

One Word Substitution related to Terms

One Word Substitution related to Terms
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
AeonIndefinite period of time
AestheticsAppreciation of beauty, by a set of principles.
BlizzardSpartan snowstorms with uncontrollable winds 
BohemianAn eccentric manner of living
BonfireHuge fire for celebration
BonsaiDwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots
BonfireHuge fire for celebration 
BonsaiDwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots 
HinterlandThe remote regions of a country which are far away from the rivers
ImbroglioComplex situation or a mix-up
RejuvenateMake someone feel young
RemissNot showing enough care and attention
KennelA shelter for a Dog
LairWhere wild animals live: 
MintA place where coins are made
MundaneOrdinary and Dull
PosthumousPublished after someone’s death
PedagogyThe profession of teaching or the approach or style of teaching
RegaliaThe symbols of royalty 
ThearchyA political system solely based on the government of men by God
OathA person promises to tell the truth in court
NascentBeginning to exist and evolve
VirtueEthically good behaviour one has
SatireHumour that describes the weaknesses
VeerChanging the direction of one’s path suddenly
SavourEnjoy something for an extended time
ScapegoatSomeone who is wrongly blamed for things that others have done
TannerySpace where animal hides are tanned
TenaciousDetermined to achieve something
ScreechThe sound of Parrots: 
MisnomerUsing a word or name that is inappropriate
MonarchyA government that has a monarch as the head  
GruntThe sound of Camels
FiestaEvents manifested by festivities
WhineThe ranting of a person
DestitutePeople who are extremely poor
Carte blancheAbsolute freedom to act as one wishes: 
AgnosticA person who is unsure about God’s existence: 
AgonyExtreme physical or mental sufferings
AikidoJapanese form of self-defence with the usage of locks holds
MercenaryA soldier who fights for the sake of money
LaurelAn accolade or honour bestowed in recognition for an achievement: 
ImmoralA person who behaves without moral principles
ImpeachCharging a politician with a serious crime
EmbargoGovernment instructions that limit trade in some way 
FatalistBeliever of fate
GregariousLoves being social and enjoys the company of others 
GroveTrees grow without underbrush.
SinecureAn office with a high salary but no work 
RenegadeA person who betrays and descents an organisation or country
FastidiousOne who is much concerned about details and accuracy
ArsenalA place for storage of arms and ammunition
ExcommunicateOne who is expelled from a religious community
GluttonA person who eats too much
ImmitableSomething which can be copied

One Word Substitution Related to People/Person

One Word Substitution Related to People/Person
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
EisoptrophileA person who is addicted to seeing oneself in mirror
GastronomeA person who loves food and finds pleasure in eating and drinking
ChrematophileA person who loves money
OneirophileA person who loves dream
AnuptaphileA person who loves staying single
MelophileA person who loves music

One Word Substitution Related to Government

One Word Substitution Related to Government
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
BureaucracyGovernment by Officials
AutocracyGovernment by one person with absolute power
MeritocracyGovernment by the intelligentsia
DemocracyGovernment by elected representatives
ConfederacyThe union of states, parties or persons
PlutocracyGovernment by rich people
AristocracyGovernment by the nobles
TheocracyGovernment by Divine Laws
MonarchyGovernment by one person (royal)
DiarchyGovernment by two agencies
OligarchyGovernment by a few powerful people
StratocracyGovernment by military class 
AnarchyAbsence of Government

One Word Substitution Related to Likes and Dislikes

One Word Substitution Related to Likes and Dislikes
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
SycophantOne who is a boot licker, flatterer
GourmetOne who has keen interest in food and drinks
PhilanthropyLove for mankind
BibliophileSomeone who loves collecting books
AnglophileOne who loves and admires the British
PhilandererOne who loves without seriousness
PhilogynyFondness towards women
AndrophileOne who loves men
PhilosopherOne who loves wisdom (hence pursues it)
MisandristOne who hates men
AndromaniaMadness or obsession with males
MisogynistOne who hates women
MisanthropistOne who hates mankind
PatriotOne who loves his country
Super patriotismExcessive love for one's country
MisogamistOne who hates marriage
LoquaciousOne who loves to speak
AntipathyStrong, deep dislike
SympathySimultaneously affected by similar feelings
EmpathyMentally identifying oneself with other person or a thing
PatheticSomething or someone makes you feel deep sadness or pity

One Word Substitution Related to Religion

One Word Substitution Related to Religion
One Word SubstitutionPhrases
AtheistOne who doesn't believe in the presence of God
MonotheistOne who believes in the theory of only one God
TheistOne who believes in the presence of God
PolytheistOne who believes in many Gods
PantheistOne who believes that God is union of all forces of the universe
TheomaniaReligious madness
TheomachyBattle among the Gods

One Word Substitution Related to Marriage

One Word Substitution Related to Marriage
One Word SubstitutionPhrases
MatrimonyRelated to marriage
SologamyMarriage with self
MonogamyPractising only one marriage (having only one wife)
BigamyPractising two marriages (having two wives)
PolygamyThe practice of several marriages (having many wives)
AutogamySelf-fertilization especially in plants
EndogamyMarriage within one's tribe
ExogamyMarriage outside one's tribe
PolyandryHaving several husbands

One Word Substitution Related to Speech & Written Work

One Word Substitution Related to Speech & Written Work
One Word SubstitutionPhrase
OmnibusBook containing all the published work of an author
TelegraphA written message from far off place
ColloquialInformal, less grammatically rigid language
CircumlocutionTalking around, a method of talking indirectly
MagniloquentGenerous, forgiving talk
EloquentExpressive in the use of words
GrandiloquentHigh sounding pompous speech or writing
AutographA signature of a celebrity (signature of oneself)
PreambleWalk before-hand or an introductory statement
BiographyWriting of one's life story
AutobiographyWriting of one's own life story
PhotographWritten by light
LaconicFew words packed with meaning, concise
SoliloquyA speech to oneself, alone

One Word Substitution for SSC CGL exam

SSC CGL exam consists of three tiers. In tier-1, there is a total of 25 questions of English. Out of these 25 questions, 3-4 questions are exclusively asked about this topic. In the Tier-2 examination, out of 200 questions, 10-12 questions are asked on this topic only. So this becomes an important scoring topic for the SSC CGL examination.

One Word Substitution Questions

Q1. Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning. 

(a) trite 
(b) opposite 
(c) exceptional 
(d) ambiguous

Answer- Ambiguous means having or expressing more than one possible meaning, sometimes intentionally.

Q2. Become apparent through the appearance of symptoms. 

(a) manifest 
(b) distinct 
(c) vague 
(d) divulged

Answer- Manifest means clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

Q3. based on random choice or personal whim 

(a) auxiliary 
(b) arbitrary 
(c) allegory 
(d) ambulatory

Answer- Arbitrary: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. 

Q4. the recently dead person in question 

(a) obliviate 
(b) deceased 
(c) euthanized 
(d) reposed

Answer- Euthanized: put an animal to death humanely.

Q5. Liquids forming a homogenous mixture when added together 

(a) irascible 
(b) crucible 
(c) miscible 
(d) risible

Answer- Miscible: forming a homogeneous mixture when added together

Q6. To delay or prevent someone or something by obstructing them 

(a) to perturb 
(b) to impede 
(c) to irk 
(d) to faze

Answer- impede: delay or prevent

Q7. to treat with cruelty or violence

(a) wrong 
(b) abuse 
(c) pervert 
(d) fault

Answer- abuse: cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.

Q8. to pilfer or steal (something, especially an item of small value) in a casual way. 

(a) to loot 
(b) to filch 
(c) to rip off 
(d) to plunder

Answer- filch means to steal or take surreptitiously in small amounts; pilfer

Q9. to have a strong emotional effect on. 

(a) to smother 
(b) to yield 
(c) to overwhelm 
(d) to forfeit

Answer- overwhelm: to have a strong emotional effect on.

Q10. A substance that has no therapeutic effect, is used as a control in testing new drugs. 

(a) sedentary 
(b) placebo 
(c) lax 
(d) torpid

Answer- placebo: A placebo is a substance or treatment with no active therapeutic effect

Q11. feeling or showing deep and solemn respect. 

(a) pious 
(b) reverent 
(c) humble 
(d) devout

Answer- devout: having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.

Q12. disgusting and an unpleasant smell.

(a) oops 
(b) ouch
(c) darn 
(d) rancid

Answer- rancid: smelling or tasting unpleasant as a result of being old and stale.

Q13.A period of time during which a person that might have a disease is kept away from other people so that the disease cannot spread

(a) solitude 
(b) seclusion
(c) quarantine 
(d) desolate

Answer- quarantine: a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to the infectious or contagious disease are placed.

Q14. to move hurriedly with short quick steps

(a) to scurry 
(b) to skim
(c) to whirl 
(d) to zip

Answer- Scurry: move hurriedly with short quick steps.

Q15. a person who is not accepted by a social group, especially because he or she is not liked, respected, or trusted

(a) fugitive 
(b) vagrant
(c) pariah 
(d) tramp

Answer- pariah 

Q16. having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger

(a) volatile 
(b) wild
(c) reckless 
(d) giddy

Answer- giddy

Q17. a rich source of something 

(a) antecedent 
(b) lode 
(c) node 
(d) provenience

Answer- lode: a rich source of something.

Q18. to treat with cruelty or violence

(a) wrong 
(b) abuse
(c) pervert 
(d) fault

Answer- abuse: cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.

Q19. Relating to or characteristic of hell or the underworld

(a) douse (b) execrable

(c) Elysium (d) infernal 

Answer- infernal: relating to or characteristic of hell or the underworld.

Q20. to allay the sorrow or grief 

(a) to lament 
(b) to console 
(c) distress 
(d) solace

Answer- Console: to comfort someone at a time of grief or disappointment

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One Word Substitution: FAQs

Ans. One word substitutions make sentences more precise and reduce complexity.

Ans. Some tips to master one word substitution concept is essay writing and paragraph writing, reading newspaper, magazines, Play English word games like cross-word puzzles, etc.

Ans. Yes, one word substitution important topic for competitive exam SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, RRB, SSC, AFCAT, etc.

Ans. Homicide

Ans. Atheist

Ans. Bibliophobia is fear of books.

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