What is a Preposition?

Preposition  Definition: A Preposition is the word or group of words used before or after the nouns and pronouns in a sentence to establish a meaningful relationship between the words. The prepositions fall under various categories which are explained in detail below. It is grammatically incorrect to use prepositions at the end of the sentences.

Preposition Meaning

Prepositions might have different meanings in varied contexts. So a lot of people are confused and question, What are prepositions? Here we will explain to you the meaning of prepositions with their types and examples.  The prepositions are divided into three categories on the basis of their usage in a sentence:

1. Prepositions of Direction

Preposition of direction can be identified when a preposition is being used to sense a movement or motion. Examples of prepositions of direction are in front of, along, among, around, across and etc.

2. Prepositions of Place

People often confuse the preposition of direction and place. The preposition of place is associated with the final destination of a particular object. Examples of prepositions of place are over, under, beside and etc. 

3. Prepositions of Time

The prepositions of time are those which allow you to discuss the specific date on the calendar, time or any day of the week. Examples of prepositions of time are in (longer periods), at (the time of day), and on (days and dates).

Preposition in English Grammar

English Grammar is incomplete without the usage of Prepositions. English Grammar consists mainly of nine figures of speeches. Prepositions are also one of the major parts of speech in English Grammar. Some of the examples of Prepositions in English Grammar include besides, under, in front of, over, above, and many more. We have provided the usage of prepositions in English Grammar with the help of sentences in the article below.  People often use prepositions incorrectly, therefore it is essential to go through the examples of prepositions in English Grammar.

Preposition Meaning in Hindi

A lot have been studying in Hindi medium schools, for them we have explained the meaning of Prepositions in Hindi. पूर्वसर्ग is the Hindi translation of Prepositions.  Prepositions are also known as संबंध सूचक अव्यय in Hindi. Preposition वह शब्द है जो किसी Noun या Pronoun के पहले आकर उस Noun या Pronoun का संबंध वाक्य में प्रयुक्त किसी अन्य शब्द या शब्दो से कराता हैं।

Preposition Definition

The definition of a Preposition is a function word that typically combines with a noun phrase to show a relationship in space or time or a logical relationship between two or more people, places or things which usually expresses a modification or prediction. 

List of Prepositions

Preposition words are again divided into single preposition words or a group of preposition words.

Preposition List (Single Word)

Some of the commonly used preposition words include in, into, inside, for, from, besides, on, onto, at, by, amongst, among, during, outside, over underneath, down, without, within, behind, since, then, via, despite and many more. 

Preposition List (Group of Words)

Some of the most common prepositions that have more than one word and form a phrase include, on top of, owing to, apart from, in addition to, in front of, on account of, thanks to, out of, up to, outside of and many more.  

Preposition Words

There are more than 120 prepositions in English Grammar.  Here is the list of some common single-word prepositions.  

  1. aboard
  2. about
  3. above
  4. across
  5. after
  6. against
  7. along
  8. amid
  9. among
  10. anti
  11. around
  12. as
  13. at
  14. before
  15. behind
  16. below
  17. beneath
  18. beside
  19. besides
  20. between
  21. beyond
  22. but
  23. by
  24. concerning
  25. considering
  1. despite
  2. down
  3. during
  4. except
  5. excepting
  6. excluding
  7. following
  8. for
  9. from
  10. in
  11. inside
  12. into
  13. like
  14. minus
  15. near
  16. of
  17. off
  18. on
  19. onto
  20. opposite
  21. outside
  22. over
  1. past
  2. per
  3. plus
  4. regarding
  5. round
  6. save
  7. since
  8. than
  9. through
  10. to
  11. toward
  12. towards
  13. under
  14. underneath
  15. unlike
  16. until
  17. up
  18. upon
  19. versus
  20. via
  21. with
  22. within
  23. without

Preposition Examples

Some of the examples of single prepositions with sentences are as follows:

  1. We were walking along the road.
  2. The cat is sitting under the table.
  3. The dog is barking at the robbers.
  4. I had lunch with my mother.
  5. She has been waiting for you in the car.

Some of the examples of a group of words prepositions with sentences are as follows:

  1. The dog slept in front of my gate.
  2. According to me, the red dress is better than the black one.
  3. Instead of finding fault with others focus on self-improvement.
  4. In addition to salt, you need other spices in the dish.
  5. We were left with guilt at the end of the day.

How to Use Prepositions?

Simply knowing the meaning of prepositions is not enough for the right usage of prepositions in a sentence. Even if you have understood the various examples of prepositions, there are a few points that must be taken into account while using prepositions in a sentence. They are as follows:

  1. Prepositions must always be followed by a noun or a pronoun.
  2. Prepositions must never be used at the end of a sentence.
  3. Never replace “have” for “of”.
  4. Don’t confuse between the usage of “in” and “into”.
  5. Not to interchange “than” and “from”.

Other than prepositions, there are various other parts of speech. Have a look at other parts of the speech here.

Parts of Speech in English Grammar 
Prepositions: FAQs

Ans. The various types of prepositions are prepositions of direction, prepositions of place and prepositions of time.

Ans. The preposition of place is associated with the final destination while the preposition of direction is the motion or movement.

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