Class 10 English Sample Paper 2024

English Sample Paper Class 10 2024: CBSE has released English Class 10 Sample Paper 2024 on the official website and students must have begun with their revision for the examination. This year CBSE will conduct a single board examination and there will be no term from this session onwards. One of the most important factors that need to be included in the revision schedule is English Sample Paper Class 10 2024. Are you looking for the Class 10 English Sample Paper 2024 that has been released by CBSE to help the students practice for the upcoming board exam? Then you are in the right place, We have provided the English Class 10 Sample Paper 2024 PDF to download which has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education on its official website. The students who are going to appear for the session 2024, must not miss revising the Class 10 English Sample Paper provided below.

English Sample Paper Class 10 2024

Below is the discussed pattern & marking scheme released through CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper (English Language & Literature) which is set as per the latest exam pattern to be followed in the real exam. The Question Paper contains three sections-Reading, Writing & Grammar and Literature. The Class 10 English Paper consists of three sections of a total of 80 marks, defined as below-

1. Section The reading part is 20 marks

2. Section B-Grammar part is of 10 marks and the creative writing part is of 10 marks 

3. Section C- The literature part is of 40 marks. 

English Sample Paper Class 10 2024 PDF with Solution

The students preparing for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 English Exam, student must download the official English Class 10 sample paper PDF from the below link and practice the questions as per the pattern released by CBSE. The solutions to the CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper as set by CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2024 have been provided below along with the solution as released by CBSE.

CBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper 2024 PDF
Class 10 English Sample Paper 2024Solution Link

English Sample Paper Class 10 2024 with Solution

CBSE Board has released the CBSE English Sample Paper 2024 Class 10 along with the marking scheme for the academic session 2023-24 at the official website Students can start practising the sample papers and refer to the solutions a number of times to score well on their exams.


Q1. Read the following text.

1. As a high school student, studying poetry can be a rollercoaster ride. This journey is punctuated by moments of profound appreciation for simpler pieces and intermittent fr frustration with more complex works. Let's be real here -some poems are just plain confusing and no amount of re-reading seems to help decipher the intended meaning. The puzzlement that results from such instances can be both vexing and demotivating. If solving a riddle is what was intended, then playing Sudoku is a better option. One is led to ponder if obscurity was the goal.

2. Conversely, some pieces resonate with the reader's soul. stirring feelings of warmth, happiness, and connection to the world. Often, these compositions centre on themes that are universally understood, such as love, nature, or faith. Being able to actually understand what the poet is trying to say can feel like a little victory and is a welcome relief after grappling with more perplexing poetry. 

3. Then there are poems that are emotionally charged; the ones that make the reader curl up in a ball and cry or jump up and down with joy. One is left in awe of the poet's ability to convey emotion through words. Let’s not forget the downright weird poems. These are the ones that defy categorization and leave the reader to their own devices in attempting to interpret meaning. The author's use of figurative language and unconventional imagery can create a sense of bewilderment that is either intriguing or off-putting. Regardless, the reader can appreciate the uniqueness of the work.

4. Despite the wide range of emotions and reactions that come with studying poetry, it can be a rewarding pursuit. Not only does reading poetry allow one to appreciate the artistic beauty of the written word but also enables one to develop crucial critical thinking and analytical skills. The process of unlocking a poem's meaning can feel like cracking a code or solving a puzzle but the sense of accomplishment derived from mastering a challenging piece can be deeply gratifying. Finally, impressing an English teacher with a well-analysed poem can be a source of pride and validation.

5. Overall, studying poetry is like a box of mixed chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. But whether it's complex, emotional, simple, or just downright weird, there's always something to be gained from the experience. So, let's applaud all the poets out there, for making us laugh, cry, scratch our heads, and occasionally feel like a genius.

(i) Which of the following statements best describes the author's attitude towards studying poetry? 

(a) Finds poetry to be a frustrating and meaningless endeavour. 

(b) Believes that the emotional rollercoaster of studying poetry is not worth the effort. 

(c) Recognizes the challenges of studying poetry but also acknowledges the rewards it offers. 

(d) Feels that poetry is too obscure and abstract for the average person to appreciate.

Answer- (c) Recognizes the challenges of studying poetry but also acknowledges the rewards it offers

(ii) What is the tone of the writer in the given lines from paragraph (1)? Rationalise your response in about 40 words.

Answer- The tone - critical Rationale - The writer seems to be expressing their scepticism and dissatisfaction with poems that are overly obscure and difficult to understand. The writer suggests that such poems may not be worth the effort and compares them unfavourably to solving a riddle. [Overall, the tone suggests a frustration with poetry that prioritizes obscurity over clarity and meaning.] 
The tone - sarcastic The statement "if solving a riddle is what was intended, then playing Sudoku is a better option" suggests that the writer is not impressed with the level of complexity in some poetry. Additionally, the phrase "led to ponder if obscurity was the goal" implies that the writer believes some poets may intentionally make their work difficult to understand, which can be frustrating for readers.[The sarcastic tone in these lines is likely a reflection of the writer's opinion that poetry should not be needlessly complex and should strive to connect with readers.]

(iii) Complete the sentence appropriately. The author's use of vivid imagery in paragraph (3), such as "curl up in a ball and cry" and "jump up and down with joy", greatly affects the reader because ____________.

Answer. it creates a powerful emotional impact and enhances the reader's understanding of the intensity of emotion that can be conveyed through poetry.

(iv) The passage includes some words that are opposites of each other. From the sets (a)-(e) below, identify two sets of antonyms:

(a) intriguing and off-putting 

(b) deciphering and interpreting 

(c) appreciate and applaud 

(d) simple and challenging 

(e) emotions and feelings

Answer- (a) intriguing and off-putting (d) simple and challenging

(v) Complete the sentence appropriately. We can say that the author's tone becomes more neutral and objective when discussing weird poems, compared to other types of poetry because __________.

Answer- The author acknowledges that weird poems can be off-putting, but also appreciates their uniqueness and the challenge they present to readers

(vi) Based on the reading of the passage, examine, in about 40 words, how studying poetry can be like exploring a new city.

Answer- Just as exploring a new city requires an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unexpected, studying poetry requires an openness to different styles and approaches, and a willingness to be challenged and surprised by what you find.

(vii) What is the message conveyed by Hina's experience, in the following case? Hina spends hours trying to analyze a poem for her assignment and finally feels a sense of accomplishment and pride, once she understands. 

(a) Only those with a natural talent for poetry should engage with it. 

(b) Persistence makes studying poetry a rewarding pursuit. 

(c) The study of poetry is guaranteed to impress others. 

(d) The efforts of studying poetry are inversely proportional to the rewards gained

Answer- (b) Persistence makes studying poetry a rewarding pursuit.

(viii) State whether the following lines display an example of a simple / complex / emotionally charged / downright weird , poem. 

The sun rises in the east, 
A new day begins, a fresh start. 
Birds chirp, nature wakes up, 
A peaceful feeling in my heart.

Answer- Simple


Q3. Complete ANY TEN of twelve of the following tasks, as directed.

(i) Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket, for the given portion of a letter: 

Dear Sir This is with reference to committee’s letter of recommendation that ________ (highlight) the nominations for ‘Safe Residential Area’ award for this current year.

Answer- Highlights

(ii) Read the given sentence from a recipe review article. Identify the error and supply the correction in the sentence. 

This delightful recipe must keep your hunger pangs at bay with its balanced spices and oriental flavour.


(iii) Abhilash and Neha had a conversation about the inauguration of Neha’s Dance Academy. Report Abhilash’s question. 

Is your best friend helping you in this venture?

Answer- Abhilash asked Neha whether/if her best friend was helping her in that venture.

(iv) Read the dialogue between Shabnam and her mentor, Sara, regarding her summer internship programme. 

Sara: Why did you choose to participate in this internship programme? 

Shabnam: Ah! I am convinced this programme has the potential to enhance my abilities. 

Select the correct option to complete the reporting of the above dialogue. 

Sara asked Shabnam _________________________________ in that internship programme. Shabnam sighed and exclaimed that she was convinced that the programme had the potential to enhance her abilities. 

(a) why to choose to participate 

(b) to choose participation 

(c) why he had chosen to participate

(d) with her choice in participating

Answer- (c) why he had chosen to participate

(v) Fill the blank by choosing the correct option, to complete the concluding line of an issued circular by an Organisation, to its Managers. 

A copy of the plan is enclosed and __________ (that/ then/ this) may be communicated to all Team Leaders for compliance.

Answer- this

(vi) Identify the error and supply correction for the given sentence from a commercial company’s current marketing strategy. 

The company aimed at increasing authority in areas frequently visited by the clients.


(vii) Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the closing line, from an analytical report. 

In conclusion, this study explores the association among short-sleep pattern and overweight youngsters


Answer- (c) among-between

(viii) Complete the given narrative, by filling the blank with the correct option. 

The experience of nursing an injured bird left me _____________ grateful for knowing the importance of being kind and compassionate to all creatures. 

(a) feeling 

(b) having felt 

(c) felt 

(d) feels

Answer- (a) feeling 

(ix) Report the dialogue between a vendor and his customer, by completing the sentence: 

Vendor: It is nice to see you, Sir! 

Customer: Yes, indeed! Unlike last month, I have been away for quite some time this month. 

The vendor greeted his customer respectfully and mentioned that he was pleased to see him. The customer answered in the affirmative and explained that ______________________

Answer- unlike the previous month, he had been away for quite some time that month.

(x) Fill the blank by choosing the correct option to complete the live feed on a school news channel. 

Congratulations Change Makers! The regional competition awards have been announced and our school music club ___________ the first prize.

(a) had been won 

(b) will win 

(c) was winning 

(d) has won

Answer- (d) has won

(xi) Complete the line from a self-awareness song, by filling the blank with the correct option. 

The river runs through your veins The trees and mountains ______ your name The moon and stars watch over You’re guiding your way back home To dream the night away. 

(a) will call 

(b) call 

(c) had called 

(d) calls

Answer- (b) call 

(xii) Identify the error and supply correction for the following note in a passenger’s flight instruction manual:

Note- Passengers will not reach the airport late in order to avoid a fine equivalent to 5% of the basic fare.

Q4 A. As Vaishali Nathani of 214, Indrayani Apartments, Vaishali Street, Daipur, you believe that forming Ecology clubs and appointing Eco-minders in your city can aid in the preservation and conservation of nature. Write a letter to the MLA of your city area, in about 120 words, suggesting the need to form such clubs. Share their importance and implications. Recommend the involvement of resident volunteers for implementation of eco-club activities that nurture and protect the local ecosystem.


124, Indrayani Apartments
Vaishali Street, Daipur
21 August 2023
Janta House
Rajajipura, Daipur
Subject: Suggestion Regarding the Need to Form Ecology Clubs

This letter is written to express my concern about the environmental degradation in our city and suggest a solution that I believe could help in preserving and conserving nature. I believe that forming Ecology clubs and appointing Eco-minders in our city can aid in this endeavour. Ecology clubs can be run by resident volunteers who may undertake activities such as making bird-houses, planting native trees, water harvesting and creating compost piles to nurture and protect the local ecosystem. By involving the residents in these activities, we can raise awareness about the importance of preserving nature and instil a sense of responsibility towards it.

Some of the implications of forming Ecology clubs are reduction of pollution levels, increase in biodiversity and promotion of sustainable practices. This initiative will enhance the quality of life of the residents by providing them with a green and healthy environment. Madam, you are requested to kindly consider this suggestion to ensure better preservation and conservation of nature.

Yours sincerely
Vaishali Nathani 
(A concerned resident)

Q4 B. As Armaan Khan, the School Literary Captain of Ujjwal Academy, Old City, Kiladerabad, you believe that languages can help bridge regional divides and promote unity. Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily, in about 120 words, suggesting the introduction of an online regional language learning programme managed and run by student councils and language clubs in the city. The programme aims to help residents who have recently relocated to a new region in picking up the local language organically. Share the importance and credibility of such a programme and suggest a feasible way to execute it along with possible activities.

Ujjwal Academy
Old City, Kilandarabad
30 August 2023
The Editor
India Samachar
Jamnagar, Kilandarabad
Subject: Introduction of Online Regional Language Learning Programmes
Dear Sir

As someone who believes that languages can help bridge regional divides and promote unity, I am writing to suggest the introduction of an online regional language learning programme in our city to help the recently relocated residents (of all ages) establish a healthy rapport with the local residents and promote mutual understanding. This online programme, organised and run by student councils and language clubs, can help these residents pick up the local language organically. This initiative may be conducted only on weekends for three months, making it feasible for participants to attend without hindering their work or studies. Activities such as language exchange programmes, cultural events, and group discussions on the virtual platform can be undertaken to make this programme more engaging. 

I hope that publishing of this letter in the columns of your Daily shall urge the community to support this programme for its potential, to bring people together, promote language proficiency, and foster a sense of brotherhood. 

Yours truly
Armaan Khan
(Captain, Literary Club)

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