SSC CGL GA GK Questions 2021: 16th August, Shift-1

SSC CGL GA GK Questions 2021: The first shift of 16th August 2021, SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 Exam is over and we have covered the GA-GK sections in Shift-1. The candidates whose exam is scheduled for the upcoming shift must go through the General Awareness Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam. General Awareness sections hold a weightage of 50 marks and the syllabus for this section is vast. Below we have discussed all the questions shared by the aspirants who have appeared in the shift for SSC CGL 2021 Exam in the 1st shift.

The GA GK questions that are asked in the SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam conducted from 13th August 2021 to 24th August 2021 will be provided here, bookmark this page to revisit it daily for General Awareness Questions.

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SSC CGL GA GK Questions: 16th August 2021

The questions that have been asked in Shift-1 of 16th August 2021 has been listed below as per the analysis conducted by our experts. 

1. In which article GST is included?- Article 279

2. National Balika Diwas- 24th January

3. Who was the author of the poetic work Amukta Malyada? Krishnadevaraya

4. Which State Governor died in January 2021?- Mata Prasad, Arunachal Pradesh

5. Which element in chilli peppers makes them spicy? - Capsaicin

6. Last Nawab of Hyderabad- Mir Osman Ali Khan

7. What is the valency of Halogen- 1, 7

8. Which vitamin deficiency is responsible for Xerophalmai?- Vitamin A

9. Which parasite causes Malaria?- Anopheles

10. In which state Autumn thullal dance is famous?- Kerala 

11. Rickets 

12. Chairman of All India Chess Federation - Arkady Dvorkovich

SSC CGL GA GK Questions Asked in Shift-1, 13th August 2021

The GA GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Shift-1 on 13th August 2021 has been listed below. The current affair questions were from the Year 2020.

1. Cabinet Minister
2. Formation year of Planning Commission of India?
3. Who is the author of Kitab – ul – Hind?- Alberuni
4. Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) founded in which year? 1928
5. Book & Writer from Medieval History
6. Gurudwara & River Name
7. Unit of Electron volt
8. Kidney related questions
9. National Game of Thailand- Thai Boxing
10. For which state Ganeshi Lal is appointed as Governor?- Odisha
11. In which state Van-Dhan Yojna started?
12. 1st Round Table Conference- 1930
13. DAM related question
14. National Park related question
15. AB de Villiers player belongs to which IPL team?
16. Who was PM after Morar Ji Desai?
17. What is Convection?
18. In the south which river is called Ganga?
19. How many districts are in Madhya Pradesh?
20. Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2020?
21. Which agency is published by Dayanand Saraswati?
22. Study of Skin- Dermatology
23. When was Digital India launched?
24. Unit of Momentum
25. Capital of New Zealand- Wellington

SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 Detailed Exam Pattern

SSC CGL 2021 Tier-1 Detailed Syllabus

Previous Year SSC CGL GA GK Question Asked

The questions related to General Awareness asked in SSC CGL 2020 (03rd March 2020) are below:

1. CM of Punjab?
2. Chief Justice of India:
3. Founder of Gupta Dynasty
4. Author of An Era of Darkness
5. Padma Shri for Archery
6. CM of Chhattisgarh: Bhupesh Baghel
7. Revrse Repo Rate
8. President of Sri Lanka: Gotabaya Rajapaksa
9. Thomas British Emperor came in the reign of which Mughal emperor?
10. Which player played double century in continuously 4 test match?
11. GST on Lottery
12. One Question Marsh Mission
13. Who got Sahitya Akademi Awards in 2019?
14. Where is Humpy?
15. Who inaugurated Kartarpur Corridor?

The questions related to General Awareness asked in SSC CGL 2020 (04th March 2020) are below:

1. Article related to untouchability: Article 17
2. Capital of Magadh
3. 2 Question related to Harshvardhan
4. One Question related to Red algae.
5. Chief of the Army Staff: Manoj Mukund Naravane
6. One Question related to GDP Growth.
7. Article related to Discrimination: Article 15
8. Layer of Moon
9. One Question related to Temple
10. Gol Gumbaz is located in
11. One Question related to Indus River
12. One Question related to Gupta Dynasty
13. One Question related to Vitamine K
14. Xerophthalmia due to

The questions related to General Awareness asked in SSC CGL 2020 (05th March 2020) are below:

1. One question related to place built by Sawai Jai Singh?
2. Gandhiji started the Quit India movement from which place?
3. One ques related to Tamil Nadu temple. When was it built?
4. One question related to Avogadro’s law
5. vWhich Award Bumrah got in 2019?
6. 5 Rath in Mahabalipuram was built by which Vansh?
7. One question from Odissa Yatra.
8. Who is the Governer Jammu Kashmir?
9. If 2 or more than 2 element mix together, then what will form?
10. Alai Darwaza built by whom?
11. One question related to Hyderabad Fund.
12. Where is BCCI headquarter located?
13. One question asked from dispersion
14. Which city is known as Golden City
15. One question from Article 33A
16. Which vitamin deficiency cause Anaemia?
17. 3 questions were asked from economics.

The questions related to General Awareness asked in SSC CGL 2020 (06th March 2020) are below:

1. When was Swaraj Party Established?
2. When was Luickhnow Pact signed?
3. What is Article 21 related to?
4. Mehrunisa is the wife of?
5. Ajanta and Ellora Caves Location?
6. Who elects the Governor?
7.Jaikawadi Dam
8. Effect of Inflation on repo rate?
9. CR Formula
10. Viral Fever
11. Who wins gold at the junior Wrestling World Championship?
12. Madari Sport is from which state

SSC CGL GA GK Question: FAQs

Q. How many questions are asked from General Awareness in SSC CGL Exam?

Ans. There are 25 question asked in GA GK Sections.

Q. What was the level of SSC CGL GA GK Questions in previous SSC CGL Exams?

Ans. The GA GK Questions were of Easy to Moderate level