CTET Paper-1 Exam Analysis 2021

CTET Exam Analysis 2021 Paper-1, 16th December 2021: CBSE has begun with Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) Paper 1 from 16th December 2021 onwards. Many aspirants want to know the CTET analysis and detailed topic-wise review as this is the first time the CTET exam is conducted in online mode. In this section, we have discussed the CTET Paper 1 Exam Analysis including questions asked in the five subjects. As per applicants who appeared in CTET 2021 Paper-1 reviewed the exam as Easy. The complete CTET Exam Analysis 2021 for Paper-I is provided in this article on the basis of candidates' reviews who had appeared in today's CTET Paper-1. 

CTET Exam Analysis 2021 for Paper-1

CTET Paper-I was conducted in online mode and there were 150 questions to be completed in 150 minutes. As the pattern was new, therefore the candidatures whose CTET Exam is in the upcoming days & shifts must have an idea about the types of questions and level of paper through our CTET 2021 Exam Analysis. As per the candidates, some of the candidates faced little difficulty to attempt in CTET Online Exam. Through our CTET Exam Analysis, we have discussed the difficulty level, good attempts, questions asked from each subject. 

CTET Paper- 1 Exam Analysis 2021- Good Attempts

As our complete CTET 2021 Exam Analysis is done, we have detailed the subject-wise & overall good attempts and difficulty level for CTET Paper-1 conducted on 16th December 2021. 

SubjectGood AttemptsDifficulty Level
Child Development and Pedagogy23-25Easy  
Language I (compulsory) 24-26Easy
Language II (Hindi) 22-24Easy to Moderate
Environmental Studies23-25Easy 
Overall 116-126Easy

CTET Paper-1 Exam Analysis- Section-wise Review

The candidates must be excited to know the complete exam review for each section asked in CTET Paper-I, which we are going to cover for English Language, Hindi Language, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, and Child Development & Pedagogy. Each section has been covered one by one here. 

CTET Exam Analysis- English Languages

The Language paper was Easy and doable as per the CTET Paper-1 Exam Analysis. The topic of the Unseen passage was based on “Use of gadgets in the pandemic”. In poetry, there were 2 questions from figure speech.

Questions in the unseen passage were: Synonyms- Demonstrate and 1 question form part of speech

TopicsNo. of Questions
Unseen Passage05
Poetry 05-06
Grammatical Error01
Figure of Speech02
English Pedagogy03-04

CTET Exam Analysis- Child Development & Pedagogy

The level of questions asked from Child Development & Pedagogy was Easy. Some of the questions discussed by the students has been tabulated below. There was no question asked from the Social Development topic in CTET Paper-1 on 16th December 2021. There were around 8-9 questions from Different Theories (Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky). 

TopicQuestions Asked
NCF 200503
Piaget Stages02-03
Intelligence Test03-04
Kohlberg Theory02-04
Growth and Development02-03
Vygotsky ZPD01-02
Achievement Test01-02
Assessment and Evaluation01-02
Gardner Theory01-02
Inclusive Education01-02
Behaviorism(Classical and Operant Conditioning)01-02
New Education Policy01
Heredity & Environment01

CTET Exam Analysis- Mathematics

There were 30 questions asked from Maths subject and all the questions were of Easy level as per the reviews collected from the candidates. 

Question form Visualisation- A student was unable to differentiate between rectangle & square. 

LCM & HCF Questions asked were easy and Dianus block was of easy to moderate level.

TopicQuestions Asked
Mathematical Defects01-02
Number System01-02
HCF & LCM03-04
Maths Pedagogy02-03

CTET Exam Analysis- EVS

Based on the candidate's review who had their CTET Paper-I today, the difficulty level of the Environmental Science Section was Easy. There were questions asked from Map, directions, speed, theme-based, etc. The questions that have been asked from the CTET EVS section are as follows- 

Speed Question- 2640 km distance covered in a given time, find speed.

Who won a noble award?

Inclusive education in classroom-related questions

How Tiger detect area?

TopicQuestions Asked
Animal (Sloth)03-04
Map (Direction)01
Houses (Bamboo)01
Union Territory (J & K)01
6 Themes EVS01-02
Diseases (Malaria)02
NCF 200501
Gregor Mandel (Nobel)01
Madhubani Painting01
Nature and Nutrition01
Onion Root01

CTET Admit Card 2021- Click to Download

CTET Paper- 1 Exam Pattern 

SubjectTotal Number of QuestionsTotal Number of MarksDuration
Child Development and Pedagogy30302.5 hours
Language I (compulsory) 3030
Language II (compulsory) 3030
Environmental Studies3030

CTET Qualifying Marks- The CTET qualifying marks is 90 marks for the general category and 82 marks for OBC/SC/ST category.

CTET Syllabus 2021- Click Here to Check

CTET Exam Pattern 2021- Click Here to Check

CTET Exam Analysis 2021: FAQs

Ans. As per student's review, CTET 2021 Paper-1 was Easy.

Ans. As discussed with the candidates, they were easily able to complete the CTET paper on time.

Ans. Some of the candidates faced little difficulty to attempt in CTET Online Exam.

Ans. As per our CTET Exam Analysis, the good attempts could range between 116-126.

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