Class 10 Computer MCQ Term-1

Computer MCQ Class 10 Term-1: To help 10th Class students better understand the pattern of the Computer Class 10 MCQ Term-1, we have prepared a series of Most Important 50 Computer MCQ in this article. As some of the students do not want to put effort into this subject thinking they can score without any practice. However, be it History or Computer Application, proper knowledge about the subject matter is a must to score good marks in the exam. The Computer MCQ Class 10 Term 1 Exam is on 08th December 2021, so you have sufficient days to excel your Computer knowledge and the Computer MCQ will definitely be of great help. 

Computer MCQs for Class 10 Term-1

In Term-1 MCQ for Computer Application will be asked from two subjects- Cyber-ethics and HTML. CBSE has also released a sample paper along with its solution officially to give a clear and undoubtful image about the new MCQ Pattern for the Computer exam. The links for the Computer MCQ sample paper & solution has been provided at the end of this page. Try solving and practising these important Computer MCQs for Class 10 Term-1 one by one and score complete marks in Computer Applications.

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CBSE Class 10 Computer MCQs for Term 1

Revise with some Class 10 Computer MCQ listed below to boost up your preparation for Term-1 Computer Exam. 

Q1. Which of the following is NOT an example of Intellectual Property rights?

a) Patent

b) Trademark

c) Password

d) Industrial Design

Answer- (c)

Q2. Computerized railway reservation system is an example of

a) Offline application

b) Online application

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above

Answer- (b)

Q3. While you are using Internet, you must be aware of____

a) how to conduct ourselves

b) how best to relate with others

c) what ethics, morals & values to maintain

d) all of these

Answer- (d)

Q4. Using the material without the permission of the owner or creator is called _____

a) Law Violation

b) Copyright Violation

c) Cyber Law Violation

d) None of these

Answer- (c)

Q5. ______ implies repeatedly targeting someone with intentions to hurt or embrass 

a) Cybercrime

b) Cyberbullying

c) Plagiarism

d) Intellectual Property Rights

Answer- (b)

Q6. Which of the following is a valid file extension for Notepad file?

a) .jpg

b) .doc

c) .text (POST) starts

d) . txt

Answer- (d)

Q7. How can an antivirus protect your device?

a) It can protect it from overheating.

b) It can increase its performance.

c) It can prevent data from getting corrupt.

d) It can backup data.

Answer- (c)

Q8. Which one of the following shortcut keys is used to paste a file?

a) Ctrl + c

b) Ctrl + p

c) Ctrl + v

d) Ctrl + x

Answer- (c)

Q9. Which option is not required to keep a device cool?

a) Keep the device unplugged when in use.

b) Do not cover a laptop with a blanket.

c) Make sure the computer's CPU fan is working.

d) Avoid leaving the device in the sun.

Answer- (a)

Q10. Which of the following trap small children into inappropriate relations?

a) Online predators

b) Worms

c) Trojan Horse

d) Anti-Virus

Answer- (a)

Q11. One of the most popular method of encrypting data is Ceaser cipher where original data is replaced by a key character like if key is -2 than ‘a’ will be replaced by ‘y’, ‘b’ is replaced by ‘z’ and so on.

If the key is 2 i.e. Every letter is replaced by its next to next letter means the letter 'A' will be replaced by 'C', the letter 'B' is replaced by 'D', and so on then what will be the replacement of the word 'CoMpUtEr'.

a) Eqorwvgt

b) eQOrwVtG

c) eqroWVTG

d) EqOrWvGt

Answer- (d)

Q12. Which of the following is the correct way to create a list using the lowercase letters? 

a) <ol alpha = "a" >

b) <ol type = "a">

c) <ol letter = "a">

d) None of the above

Answer- (b)

Q13. After hearing her ordeal, the school decides to publish a set of moral principles that determines the appropriate behaviour of students while using the internet. 

The school is referring to__________

a. Intellectual Property rights

b. Internet Privacy

c. Computer Ethics

d. Cyber Ethics

Answer- (d)

Case Study- Consider the following code created by Sumantha for a webpage:


<body bgcolor="yellow"><center>

<h1> Our Country : India <__> -------line1


</center> <p>

<font color="red" size="5" ____="Times New Roman"> -------line2

India is spread over a large geographical area. In terms of area, it is the 7<sup>th</sup> largest country while in terms of population,

it is the 2<sup>nd</sup> largest country in the world.

Some facts about India are as follows<___></p> -------line3 <ul>

<li>Area :Approx 3.28 million sq. km <_> -------line4

<li>North to South extension :Approx 3,200 km</li>

<li>East to West extension :Approx 2900 km</li><__> -------line5



Based on the given information, answer the question NO. 14-18.

Q14. Choose the correct option from the following to fill up in line 1:

a. \h1

b. \h6

c. /h6

d. /h1

Answer- (d) 

Q15. Choose the correct option from the following to fill up in line 2:

a. font

b. face

c. type

d. text

Answer- (b)

Q16. Choose the correct option from the following to fill up in line 3:

a) </f>

b) <f>

c) </font>

d) <font>

Answer- (c)

Q17. Choose the correct option from the following to fill up in line 4:

a) <i>

b) </li>

c) <\li>

d) <\i>

Answer- (b)

Q18. Choose the correct option from the following to fill up in line 5:

a) ul

b) <\ul>

c) <ul>

d) </ul>

Answer- (d)

Q19. The term ____ covers all of those parts of a computer that are tangible objects.

a) Application

b) Circuits

c) Software

d) Hardware

Answer- (d)

Q20. SGML stands for _______

a) Standardized General Makeup Language

b) Standard General Makeup Language

c) Standardized General Markup Language

d) Standard General Markup Language

Answer- (c)

Q21. Charlene is an artist. She displays her artwork on the Internet using her website to attract buyers. One day while browsing the Internet she discovers that another artist has displayed her painting portraying it as his own. Which right of Charlene was infringed?

a) Digital Privacy right

b) Intellectual Property right

c) Digital Property right

d) Intellectual Privacy right

Answer- (d)

Q22. Consider the following code:

<img src="Computers.jpg" width=" ________ " height="________”>

Fill in the blanks to set the image size to be 250 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall.

a) 250, 400

b) 400, 250

c) <250><400>

d) <400><250>

Answer- (a)

Q23. Tag to create password field in HTML document:

a) <password>

b) <input>

c) <pwd>

d) <pword>

Answer- (b)

Case Study- Geetika has recently created her social accounts. She is very excited as she waited so long to go online. She has recently also got admission to a prestigious high school and does not know many students. When she logs into her social media a few days later, she finds that someone is posting negative, demeaning comments on her social media profile. She is also getting repeated emails from unknown people. Whenever she goes online, she is trolled by multiple unknown people.

Based on the given information, answer Questions No. 24-28.

Q24. Geetika is a victim of _______ :

a) Eavesdropping

b) Plagiarism

c) Phishing

d) Cyberstalking

Answer- (d)

Q25. Which of the following is the most appropriate action she should take?

a) She should stop going online and delete her social media accounts.

b) She should NOT share this with anyone as she might face more of such kind of behaviour.

c) She should file a complaint at the nearest police station.

d) She should inform her parents and bring it to the notice of school authorities.

Answer- (d)

Q26. After hearing her ordeal, the school decides to publish a set of moral principles that determines the appropriate behavior of students while using the internet. The school is referring to__________

a) Intellectual Property rights

b) Internet Privacy

c) Computer Ethics

d) Cyber Ethics

Answer- (d)

Q27. Geetika is advised by her best friend, Seerat to protect her personal information from intentional or unintentional attacks by others. This is also known as ___________

a) Digital right

b) Copyright

c) Data Privacy

d) Intellectual property

Answer- (c)

Q28. The computer teacher of Geetika’s class decides to take an online session on the topic Netiquettes, which generally includes:

a) safeguarding one’s passwords and sensitive online information

b) logging out of social media accounts after the session

c) not bullying or trolling anyone by disrespecting them or passing inappropriate remarks

d) All of the above.

Answer- (d)

CBSE Computer MCQ Class 10 with Solution

Below are the links for the official Computer MCQ Sample Papers released by CBSE for practising. Along with the MCQs, solutions were also released for which we have provided the direct link below-

Click to Download Class 10 Computer MCQ Sample Paper PDF

Click to Download Class 10 Computer MCQ Solution PDF

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Computer MCQ Class 10 2021-22: FAQs

Ans. There will be 50 questions, out of which you have to attempt 40.

Ans. The timing to solve all Class 10 Computer MCQ is 90 minutes.

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