5 Table, Learn Multiplication Table of 5

5 Table

Table of 5: 5 table is new for primary classes and once learned students will find that table of 5 is the most amazing table among all others. A multiplication table of 5 is used repeatedly while solving multiplication, division, and other arithmetic problems throughout secondary and higher classes. Understanding the pattern of 5 table would help in faster calculations. Repeated addition by number 5 gives the multiplication table of 5 and the fun fact is that every alternative multiple is 5 and 0, which makes the table more interesting to learn. 

Multiplication Table of 5

Learning Maths table of 5 is easy when you memorise it by reciting like a poem. Make your kid learn 5 table from here and see the magic when they solve maths questions within seconds. 

5 Table
5 x 1=5
5 x 2=10
5 x 3=15
5 x 4=20
5 x 5=25
5 x 6=30
5 x 7=35
5 x 8=40
5 x 9=45
5 x 10=50

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Table of 6: FAQs

Q. What is the trick to remember Table of 5?

Ans. The Table of 5 repeats up the pattern of 5 and 0 at the end of each multiplier.

Q. Is 5 even or odd?

Ans. No, 5 is an odd number.

Q. Are all multiples of 5 Table odd?

Ans. No, the pattern of Table of 5 is odd-even-odd-even... and so on.