16 Table: Multiplication Table of 16, Shortcut & Trick

Table of 16: Do you too think table of 16 is difficult to remember? No, it not like that, Table of 16 is quite simple and easy to remember. Learning table on fingertips would give you confidence in multiplication, division, repeated addition of the same numbers, fractions, decimals to make it faster and quicker. Table of 16 is like entering into the second level of learning multiplication patterns of big numbers. Doubling the table of 8 would also be the result to table of 16, besides we have discussed a simple trick in the below section. Go through the article, we have made it simpler for you to learn 16 Table.

16 Table

Some students may find it difficult to write and learn table of 16, but once learnt makes your calculation speed effective and you can save time from multiplying while solving tricky questions. In this article, we have discussed how to write and learn 16 table in a simpler way than you have ever heard of.

Multiplication Table of 16

Check the below table to memorise Table of 16 and learn by reciting it for several times:

16 Table
16 X 1=16
16 X 2=32
16 X 3=48
16 x 4=64
16 X 5=80
16 X 6=96
16 X 7=112
16 X 8=128
16 X 9=144
16 X 10=160

Shortcut to learn 16 Table

Do not stress out if you are unable to learn table of 16 with the ancient formula of reciting it 10 times a day, as we have come up with a rescue for you with this shortcut to memorise 16 table in a shorter way and quickly. Do not waste time, remember the trick below that uses table of 6. The trick is explained below in a simple way.

Make a table with 2 columns, in the first column, write multiplier from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,... and write table of 6 (6, 12, 18, 24, 30,...) in the 2nd column as depicted below.

Now add the multiplier in column 1 with the ten’s digit of table 6 in another column, within the respective rows. Do the same for all other multipliers.

To understand the trick of 16 table in a better way, read out the below table

Shortcut to learn 16 Table
MultiplierTable of 6ShortcutTable of 16
16(1) 616
212(2+1) 232
318(3+1) 848
424(4+2) 464
530(5+3) 080
636(6+3) 696
742(7+4) 2112
848(8+4) 8128
954(9+5) 4144
1060(10+6) 0160

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