Tiger Reserves in India

Tiger Reserves in India: The Bengal Tiger was declared a National animal of India in April 1973 under the initiative of Project Tiger. Prior to this, the Lion was considered the National animal of India. In order to conserve tigers as they were considered an Endangered species according to the IUCN Red Data book, The Tiger Reserve of India was established in 1973.

Presently, there are 53 tiger reserves in India(The Latest added tiger reserve is Guru Ghasidas National Park of Chhattisgarh is the 53rd Tiger Reserve In India as of 2022) which are governed by Project Tiger and are administered by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

India is home to 80% of the tiger’s world population. According to the Tiger census Report 2018(held once every four years), the total count of tigers has risen to 2,967 in 2018 from 2,226 in 2014. So here is the list of 53 tiger reserves with their total area(in sq.km.).

List of 53 Tiger Reserves in India

Below is the list of the 53 Tiger Reserves In India. Recently, In 2022, 53rd Tiger Reserve In India has been approved by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), that is, Guru Ghasidas National Park Of Chhattisgarh which is also the 4th Tiger Reserve of Chhattisgarh.

SNo.State/UTName Of Tiger ReserveTotal area( sq.Kms.)
1Andhra PradeshNagarjunsagar Srisailam 3296.31
2Arunachal PradeshNamdapha2052.82
3Arunachal PradeshKamlang Tiger Reserve783
4Arunachal PradeshPakke1198.45
7AssamOrang Tiger Reserve492.46
18KarnatakaBiligiri Ranganatha Temple574.82
21Madhya PradeshKanha2051.79
22Madhya PradeshPench1179.63
23Madhya PradeshBandhavgarh1598.1
24Madhya PradeshPanna1578.55
25Madhya PradeshSatpura2133.30
26Madhya PradeshSanjay-Dubri1674.50
38RajasthanMukandra Hills759.99
39Tamil NaduKalakad-Mundanthurai1601.54
40Tamil NaduAnamalai1479.87
41Tamil NaduMudumalai688.59
42Tamil NaduSathyamangalam1408.4
45Uttar PradeshDudhwa2201.77
46Uttar PradeshPilibhit730.24
47Uttar PradeshAmangarh (buffer of Corbett TR)80.6
48UttarakhandRajaji TR1075.17
49West BengalSunderbans2584.89
50West BengalBuxa757.90
51Tamil NaduSrivilliputhur Megamalai1016.57
52.RajasthanRamgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary252
53.ChhattisgarhGuru Ghasidas National Park(Sanjay National Park)466.67

Top 10 Largest Tiger Reserves in India

1. Nagarjunsagar Srisailam (3296.31 sq.km.)

 This tiger reserve is one of the largest tiger reserves in India. Nagarjunsagar Tiger reserve is spread over 5 districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The area consists mostly of the Nallamala Hills. The multipurpose reservoirs- Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar are located in the reserve. This is home to a variety of wild animals such as the Bengal tiger, leopard, pangolin, Indian rock python, etc.

2. Manas National Park (3150.92 sq.km.)

Manas National Park is located in the Himalayan foothills in Assam. The park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife. Manas National Park is more than a National Park, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Biosphere Reserve, and National Park. It is home to a variety of species of fauna such as One-horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephants, Indian Tigers, Clouded leopards, Hoolock Gibbons, and Barking Deer, etc.

3. Melghat Tiger Reserve (2768.52 sq.km.)

Melghat Tiger Reserve is located on the southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill Range in Central India, called Gavilgarh hill in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the prime habitat of the tiger and the prime biodiversity repository of the state. This tiger reserve is a catchment area of five major rivers.

4. Similipal National Park (2750 sq.km.)

Simlipal National Park is a national park and a tiger reserve in the Mayurbhanj district in the Indian state of Odisha. The area of Simlipal reserve is gifted with great bio-diversity and ultimate varieties of faunas in the ranges with the ambience of cool breeze emerging out of the dense forests. There are many small waterfalls that add character to the Royal Bengal Tiger in the reserve.

5. Amrabad Tiger Reserve (2611.39 sq.km.)

Amrabad Tiger Reserve lies in the Nallamala hills of Telangana. It has a large presence of the Chenchu tribe. It harbours great biodiversity, consisting of around 70 species of mammals, more than 300 hundred avian varieties, 60 species of reptiles, and thousands of insects, all supported and nourished by more than 600 different plant species. The fauna in this tiger reserve are Bengal Tiger, leopard, rusty-spotted cat, pangolin, Mugger Crocodiles, Indian Rock Python, and innumerable varieties of birds are found here. 

6. Sunderbans Tiger Reserve (2584.89 sq.km.)

Sundarban the world’s largest delta is located in India and Bangladesh. Sundarbans National Park is located in the southern part of West Bengal. Sundari trees can be found in abundance in this forest. The Royal Bengal tigers are well-known in Sundarban. Also, this national park is designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. It is well known for the conservation of Tiger under Project Tiger.

7. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (2201.7748 sq.km.)

The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is a protected area in Uttar Pradesh located on the India-Nepal border. It stretches mainly across the Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts. The Dudhwa National Park has a number of species of birds, reptiles, wild elephants, aquatic animals, one-horned rhinos, and wild elephants besides its enriched flora and fauna. Its undisturbed natural forest cover, vast spans of grasslands, and wetlands. It is the only place in U.P. where both Tigers and Rhinos can be spotted together.

8. Satpura Tiger Reserve(2133.30 sq.km.)

Satpura Tiger reserve is located in the south of River Narmada in the district of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura National Park is rich in biodiversity. The animals here include leopard, sambar, chital, Indian muntjac, nilgai, four-horned antelope, Chinkara, wild boar, bear, black buck, fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, mouse deer, and Indian giant squirrel.

9. Namdapha Tiger Reserve(2052.82 sq.km.)

Namdapha Tiger Reserve is located in the Changlang district in Andhra Pradesh. It is the only park in the World to have the four Feline species of big cat namely the Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, and the number of Lesser cats.

10. Kanha Tiger Reserve (2051.79 Sq.km.)

Kanha National Park was created on 1 June 1955 and in 1973 was made the Kanha Tiger Reserve. It stretches over an area of in the two districts Mandla and Balaghat. The park has a significant population of the Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha, and Indian wild dog.

Tiger Reserves in India: FAQs

Ans. Jim Corbett National Park is the first Tiger Reserve In India which was established in 1936 and is located in Uttrakhand.

Ans. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam is the Largest tiger reserve in India 3296.31 sq km.

Ans. The total Tiger Reserve in India is 53. Recently, Guru Ghasidas National Park was added to be 53rd Tiger Reserve In India which is located in Chhattisgarh. It is the 4th Tiger Reserve in Chhattisgarh.

Ans. Project Tiger is a Tiger conservation program that was launched in 1973 by the central government to protect Bengal Tigers from being extinct.

Ans. IUCN stands for International Union For Conservation Of Nature.

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