With an amazing job comes great salary package. As we all know that IAS is the most sought after job that every Indian wants. But the sad part is that only a few of them are selected as a Civil Servant. The life of an IAS Officer is class apart. Not only does he receives a handsome salary package but at the same time he also gets good respect, and honour from every individual. Thus we can say that in a way, It is not just that attracts lakhs of govt. job aspirants to work as an IAS Oficer but also the powers and responsibilities that he holds. In the article, you get the idea of IAS salary in India, and also the pay scale/ salary structure of IAS officers after the 7th Pay Commission.

IAS Officer Salary: After 7th Commission

Aspirants can check the salary structure of the most sought after post of the UPSC Exam. The basic per month salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs.56,100(TA, DA and HRA are extra) and can go on to reach Rs.2,500,00 for a Cabinet Secretary. Candidates can check pay scale and pay level for each level of the IAS Salary. We compare the Pay band and Pay Level in the table for good understanding of the IAS Salary structure. Candidates can check the other perks, emoluments in the last para of the article.

Grade Post No. Of Years Old System New System
Grade Pay Pay Scale(INR) Pay Level Baisc Pay (INR)
Junior or Lower Time Scale ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner 1-4 5400 15600 – 39100 10 56100
Senior Time Scale ADM/Deputy Secretary/ Undersecretary 5-8 6600 15600 – 39100 11 67700
Junior Administrative DM/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary 9-12 7600 15600 – 39100 12 78,800
Selection Grade DM/ Special Secretary cum director/ Director 13-16 8700 37400 – 67000 13 1,18,500
Selection Grade Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Joint Secretary 16-24 8700 37400 – 67000 14 1,44,200
Super Time Scale Divisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/ Additional Secretary 25-30 12000 37400 – 67000 15 1,82,200
Above Super Time Scale Additional Chief Secretary 30-33 NA 80000 (Fixed) 16 2,05,400
Apex Scale Chief Secretary 34-36 NA 90000 (Fixed) 17 2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary Grade Cabinet Secretary of India 37+ years NA 90000 (Fixed) 18 2,50,000

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UPSC IAS Officer Salary : HRA And Transport Allowance

In the IAS Officer Salary the HRA allowance is 24 percent, 16 percent and 8 percent as per 7th Pay Commission norms. HRA depend on the city you are posted. Along with these, 7th Pay Commission has also recommended for enhancement of HRA while DA crosses 50% and 100%. As far as Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase. However, DA which is 125% has been merged with existing Transport Allowance. Besides these, 7th Pay Commission has discontinued the Pay Band – Grade Pay System which existed before. Candidates can check different allowances in IAS Officer Salary in the table..

HRA Distribution
Class X 8 Cities only- 24% HRA (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune)
Class Y Around 100 Towns (With a Population above 5 Lakhs) – 16% HRA
Class Z Rural Areas – 8% HRA
Dearness Allowance
DA DA now crosses 50 to 100 %
Transport Allowance
The Transport allowance is not included in the DA which can reach upto 125% now

IRS Salary Structure, Job Profile

It is the second most sought after job under UPSC Exam. It has more social value, Indian Revenue Service Officer also offer lucrative salary. Candidates can check the UPSC IRS salary Structure and Job Stage in the table below.

Designation Pay Scale
Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax INR 15,600 - 39100 + Grade Pay of INR 5400
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax INR 15,600 - 39100 + Grade Pay of INR 6600
Joint Commissioner of Income Tax INR 15,600 - 39100 + Grade Pay of INR 7600
Additional Commissioner of Income Tax INR 37400 - 67000 + Grade Pay of INR 8700
Commissioner of Income Tax INR 37400 - 67000 + Grade Pay of INR 10000
Principal Commissioner of Income Tax INR 75000 to INR 80000
Chief Commissioner of Income Tax INR 75000 to INR 80000
Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax INR 80000 fixed

IPS Salary Structure, Job Profile

It is the only post which comes with Uniform. UPSC IPS offer a great power, respect and prestige to a candidate. Candidate can check the Salary Structure and Job Post in the table below.

Post Basic Pay (INR)
Deputy Superintendent of Police 56,100
Additional Superintendent of Police 67,700
Senior Superintendent of Police 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of Police 1,31,100
Inspector General of Police 1,44,200
Director General of Police 2,05,400
Director General of Police/ Director of IB or CBI 2,25,000

IFS Salary Structure, Job Profile

Indian Foreign Services offer you to serve the country in the foreign country. It comes with a lot of perks, very high salary and a large number of facilities for the family.Check the salary of UPSC IRS in the table below.

Grade Rank Basic Pay in INR (as of 7th Pay Commission)
Junior Time Scale Under Secretary 8000
Senior Time Scale Under Secretary 10700
Junior Administrative Scale Deputy Secretary 12750
Selection Grade Counselor Director 15100
Senior Administrative Scale Joint Secretary 18400
High Commissioner/ Ambassador Foreign Secretary 26000

IAS Salary Perks

UPSC CSE offer a lot of perks, emoluments and very high social respect in India. Candidates can check the perks, emoluments below. There Perks, Emoluments are common for all the UPSC CSE Posts like IAS, , IFS, IPS, IRS and other posts.

  1. Apartment (3 or 4 BHK)

  2. Electricity and Water Bill

  3. Medical Expenses

  4. Free Phone Call

  5. Office Vehicles

  6. Study leave

  7. Abroad Study Option

  8. Transport Allowances

  9. Security Guard and Household Helpers

  10. Dearness Allowance (As governed by the inflation index) (at 65 percent)

  11. Pensions and Retirement Benefits.

We have also prepared the elaborated syllabus of UPSC Exam. Candidates can check the UPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus to start their preparation in a right direction.

IAS Salary FAQs

1. Does IAS get salary during traing period?

Yes, The selected candidates would get salary during the training period.

2. What are the perks of IAS Officer?

IAS Officer get many perks in the secvice, candidates can check the perks in the article.

3. What is HRA and DA for UPSC IAS Officer?

Candidates can check the HRA and DA in the article.

4. What is the salary of IAS after 7th Pay Commission.?

Candidates can check the IAS Salary after 7th Pay Commission in the article.