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Important Days in March 2024, Complete List of Events

From the 12 months of Julian & Gregorian Calendars, March is the third month and according to the Roman Calendar, it is the first month of the year which has a total of 31 days. The month of March is named after the Roman God of War, Mars. The beginning of March marks the arrival of spring and the end of the cosy, warm weather. March offers a wide range of events for everyone, including religious festivals, national holidays, and worldwide significant days such as World Wildlife Day, International Women’s Day, Holi, etc.

The list of Important Days in March 2024 is important for those who are preparing for the SSC, CGL, and other competitive examinations. The competitive examinations generally include a General Knowledge section, in which the questions from the important day’s topics are usually asked.

List of Important Days & Dates in March 2024

The beginning of March marks World Civil Defence Day i.e. on 1st March followed by Employee Appreciation Day on 2nd March 2024. The complete list of Important Days in March 2024 has been tabulated below, helping candidates better prepare for the General Knowledge subject.

Dates Days
1st March World Civil Defence Day
Zero Discrimination Day
Self Injury Awareness Day (SIAD)
World Compliment Day
3rd March World Wildlife Day
World Hearing Day
4th March National Safety Day
National Grammar Day
8th March International Women’s Day
10th March CISF Raising Day
12th March Mauritius Day
14th March Pi Day
15th March World Consumer Rights Day
World Sleep Day
16th March National Vaccination Day
18th March Ordnance Factory Day
20th March World Oral Health Day
International Day of Happiness
21st March World Poetry Day
World Forestry Day
World Down Syndrome Day
22nd March World Water Day
23rd March World Meteorological Day
24th March World Tuberculosis (TB) Day
25th March Festival of Colours-Holi
27th March World Theater Day

Significance of Important Days in March 2024

Every day celebrated in March holds a specific significance/importance. The candidates who will appear in any competitive examination must study the significance of the important days. Here, below are all the Important Days of March 2024 along with their significance.

Zero Discrimination Day-1st March

Every year, Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated on 1st March to promote equality and end discrimination against people based on the grounds of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

World Civil Defence Day-1st March

Every year on 1st March, the entire world celebrates World Civil Defence Day to raise awareness for the significance of civil protection and to honor the work, sacrifices, and achievements of all the services involved in disaster relief. This day was designated for celebration in 1990 by the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO).

Self Injury Awareness Day (SIAD)-1st March

Self Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is observed to increase public awareness of self-harm and self-injury. SIAD offers a platform for promoting open discussions, self-care, and self-help materials and offering assistance to anyone who might be experiencing self-harm injuries.

World Compliment Day-1st March

The World Compliment day is celebrated in the whole globe on 1st March. The main motive of celebrating this day is promoting kindness and raising the people with natural compliments.

Employee Appreciation Day-1st March

Every year on the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day is observed as a holiday to honor and express gratitude to employees for their dedication and hard work. Employers and supervisors should take advantage of this day to express gratitude to their staff members for their commitment and hard work as well as to let them know how much they are appreciated.

World Wildlife Day-3rd March

On 3rd March, World Wildlife Day is celebrated to raise awareness among people for the importance of plants & animals on Earth. The days aim to raise awareness of how important it is to protect and preserve natural habitats.

World Hearing Day-3rd March

Every year on 3rd March, the world observes World Hearing Day to promote hearing and increase awareness about how to prevent deafness.

National Safety Day-4th March

The National Safety Council of India founded the day in 1972, and every year a new theme is chosen to draw attention to a particular aspect of health and safety. On National Safety Day, people and organizations have the chance to reinforce their dedication to safety and to spread awareness of how crucial it is to reduce accidents and injuries.

National Grammar Day-4th March 2024

Every year on March 4th, the United States observes National Grammar Day. The day promotes the use of proper grammar in written and spoken communication.

International Women’s Day-8th March

International Women’s Day, observed globally on 8th March, honors the contributions made by women and encourages gender equality. It promotes equality between the genders and honors the global accomplishments made by women in social, cultural, political, and economic spheres.

Mahashivratri-8th March

Hinduism’s major festival of Mahashivratri is observed nationwide in India to commemorate the divine union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It opens the chakras for spiritual development and represents the union of feminine and masculine forces as well as the winning of light over darkness.

CISF Raising Day-10th March

One of the most significant days in March is the CISF Raising Day, which takes place on 10th March. The CISF was founded on this day in 1969 by an act of the Indian Parliament. This agency is in charge of managing India’s airways, seaways, and other vital resources. A few reserve battalions of the CISF collaborate with state police to maintain peace and security.

Mauritius Day-12th March

Every year on 12th March, Mauritius Day is observed to commemorate two significant anniversaries in the nation’s history: its independence from Great Britain in 1968 and its conversion to a republic in 1992.

No Smoking Day- March 13

Every year on the second Wednesday of March, people worldwide are encouraged to give up smoking by raising awareness of the adverse health impacts of tobacco use.
Pi Day-14th March

Pi Day is celebrated annually on 14th March, it honors the finding of the value of the mathematical constant π, which is equivalent to “approximately 3.14.” Larry Shaw used to work at the scientific museum at San Francisco’s Exploratorium when he started Pi Day in 1988.

World Consumer Rights Day-15th March

Consumer International observed World Consumer Rights Day to encourage the rights of the consumer and also to protect and respect their basic rights.

World Sleep Day-15th March

Every year on the second Friday of March, there is an event called World Sleep Day, which attempts to increase awareness about the importance of getting enough sleep and how it affects one’s health and wellbeing. The World Sleep Society launched the event in 2008, and since then, it has been celebrated annually with a new theme that emphasizes various aspects of sleep health.

National Vaccination Day-16th March

On 16th March, National Vaccination Day is celebrated across the country to highlight the value of immunization campaigns in preventing illness.

Ordnance Factory Day-18th March

India observes Ordnance Factory Day on 18th March every year to commemorate the founding of the first Ordnance Factory in 1801. The day honors the crucial role these industries play in supplying the nation with ammunition and defense weapons.

World Oral Health Day-20th March

The FDI World Dental Federation established the day in 2013, and a new theme is selected each year to highlight different aspects of oral health. World Oral Health Day offers a chance to encourage dental habits that promote wellness, including brushing and flossing, getting regular checkups, and maintaining a balanced diet.

International Day of Happiness-20th March

International Day of Happiness is observed on 20th March, the day when winter gives way to spring in the northern hemisphere. This day is important across the world because it recognizes happiness and well-being as universal objectives and desires.

World Sparrow Day-20th March

On 20th March 2010 the world celebrated its first Sparrow Day. This day is observed annually in honor of house sparrows and other common birds that are impacted by the environment throughout the world.

World Poetry Day-21st March

World Poetry Day is observed annually on 21st March to honour poetry as the most valued form of language and cultural expression of identity. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially declared the day at its 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999.

World Forestry Day-21st March

Every year on 21st March, World Forestry Day, also known as the International Day of Forests, is observed to increase public awareness about the importance, values, and roles that forests play in maintaining the earth’s life cycle.

World Down Syndrome Day-21st March

The day celebrated on 21st March known as the World Down Syndrome Day supports the rights, inclusion, and well-being of those with Down syndrome while also increasing public awareness of the condition.

World Water Day-22nd March

Every year on 22nd March, the world observes World Water Day as a way to raise awareness of the significance of freshwater resources, their conservation, and sustainable management.

World Meteorological Day-23rd March

The World Meteorological Day, celebrated on 23rd March promotes awareness of weather-related and climate-related issues while honoring the contributions meteorology has made to society.

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day-24th March

The world observes World Tuberculosis Day every year on 24th March, a day set to raise public awareness about the global epidemic of Tuberculosis and efforts to eradicate it.

Festival of Colours-Holi-25th March

Holi is a holiday observed in several Indian states, Nepal, and other countries around the world. It symbolizes the coming of spring and the victory of right over wrong. According to the Hindu calendar, it is observed on different dates every year; this year, it is on 25th March.

World Theater Day-27th March

International Theatre Institute and the International Theatre Community observe World Theatre Day on 27th March every year. The day is celebrated to make people aware of the value of theatre and to promote the theatre across the world.

Important Days in March 2024- FAQs

Q1: Employee Appreciation Day is observed on which day?

The Employee Appreciation Day is observed every year on 2nd March.

Q2: Who established the World Oral Health Day on 20th March?

The World Oral Health Day was established by the FDI World Dental Federation on 20th March.

Q3: When is International Women's Day celebrated?

The International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th March.

Q4: What is the significance of World Sleep Day?

The significance of World Sleep Day is to increase awareness about the importance of getting enough sleep and how it affects one's health and wellbeing.

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