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Indian Army Agniveer Compensation, Ajay’s Family Received 98 Lakhs

Rahul Gandhi claimed that Ajay Kumar – A 23-year old Indian Army Agniveer who died on 18th January 2024 during a landmine blast near Rajouri District of Jammu & Kashmir while he was on duty there, did not receive any financial assistance from the Government. However, the government later claimed that Ajay’s family had been compensated an amount of Rs. 1 crore. Kumar’s Father – Charanjit Singh said that their family has been compensated a total of Rs. 98 lakh out of which Rs. 48 lakh were given by the Army and the remaining 50 lakhs were received to them by the insurance company.

Ajay’s family added that the compensation money cannot replace Ajay Kumar and his sister demanded to shut down the scheme. Kumar’s eldest sister – Baksho Devi also questioned “My brother listed his life for a job of four years, while the government promises Rs. 1 crore, can a family survive solely on that amount without him?” The scheme which she demanded to shut down was launched in  2022 and includes no benefits for providing pensions to the families of Agniveers in case of death during their service.

Ajay’s Family Demands to Shut Agnipath Scheme

Charanjit Singh also mentioned, “We want the Agnipath scheme to be scrapped and we should get pensions and canteen cards”. His father requested the Prime Minister- Mr. Narendra Modi to stop this scheme and provide regular recruitment in the military/Army.  The family has also added that 50 lakhs were first received from ICICI bank as the insurance amount and later 48 lakhs were paid by the Army in cash but still 60 lakhs are left to be paid as per the amount promised by the Army. Ajay’s family stated that “Don’t know when we will get it”.

Total Compensation for Agniveers

The military mentioned in a statement that “The last rites were carried out with full military honors. It is re-emphasized that emoluments due to a fallen hero are paid expeditiously to the Next of Kin of departed soldiers, including Agniveers. Military also added that Ajay’s family will receive around Rs. 44 lakhs as ex-gratia and some other benefits amounting to Rs 67 lakhs after the final settlement of the account which will be done after police verification. This makes the total Indian Army Aginveer Compensation amount that will be provided to Kumar’s family i.e. Rs. 1.65 crore. Out of the total amount the Army has already paid Rs. 98.39 lakh added by them.

Apart from all this, Smit Singh- the leader of the local Congress met Ajay’s family and mentioned that there is no doubt about the Army, and they will surely provide the complete Indian Army Aginveer Compensation for the family. But the thing that should be considered is the martyr status and other facilities demanded by Kumar’s family.

Indian Army Agniveer Compensation- FAQs

Q1: Did Ajay Agniveer's family received compensation?

The family of Late Agniveer Ajay Kumar have received the half compensation about around 98. 39 lakhs.

Q4: What are the demands of Late Aginveer Ajay's family?

Ajay's family is demanding to shut down the Agnipath scheme and to provide them canteen cards. They also mentioned that it is not about money but they want martyr status.

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