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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2024, 4th July Shift 1 Exam Review and Questions

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam is ongoing and Day 4 Shift 1 has been completed with thousands of candidates attempted in this shift. Now it’s time to discuss the questions that have been asked in today’s 1st shift. If you are looking for authentic and detailed SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024, then you are at the right place. As in this article, we will be sharing every single information that aspirants who appeared in this shift discuss with us. We will also be discussing sectional good attempts & difficulty level, overall good attempt and 1st Shift difficulty level, and changes observed in the pattern of questions from the previous shifts.

SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024

As an SSC aspirant, you must be aware of the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and weightage as per the topic to strengthen your preparation for upcoming exams. To help the aspirants know about SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam, our faculty conducts SSC CHSL Exam Analysis after each shift for the candidates whose exam is in the upcoming shift or who are preparing for next year’s exam. There are four sections in the SSC CHSL 2024 Exam which are General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension

As per the feedback of the candidates who appeared in Shift-1 of 4th July 2024 Exam stated that the difficulty level of the SSC CHSL today’s exam was “Easy to Moderate”, the questions of Quantitative and General Awareness sections were of Easy to Moderate level, English and Reasoning sections were easy. 

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024 Good Attempts

The overall difficulty level of the SSC CHSL Shift 1 exam of 4th July 2024 has been notified by the candidates who came out of the exam hall. Here we have discussed the overall good attempts as per the calculations based on the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024 Shift 1. For this shift, the good attempts could range between 74-83.

Sections Good Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude 16-18
General Intelligence and Reasoning 21-23
English  Comprehension 21-23
General Awareness 16-18
Overall 74-83

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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024 Difficulty Level

The difficulty level for each section Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence and Reasoning, English  Comprehension, and General Awareness has been updated in the below table after conducting SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024. As per the feedback, the overall exam was of Easy to Moderate level.

Subjects Difficulty Level
Quantitative Aptitude Easy to Moderate
General Intelligence and Reasoning Easy
English  Comprehension Easy
General Awareness Easy to Moderate
Overall Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2024 4th July Shift 1

Below we have discussed the detailed SSC CHSL 2024 Exam Analysis section-wise for the questions asked in the Shift-1 Exam today. To help the SSC aspirants understand the pattern of the SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam, our faculty has conducted the detailed SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024 and we will be updating the same here along with the questions asked.

To check the detailed SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 1st Shift of 4th July 2024 from the below section as reviewed by aspirants updated here, read on the article below. 

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024- General Awareness

The candidates who came out of the exam hall in shift 1 of the CHSL Exam held on 4th July 2024 have shared that the following questions were asked from the General Awareness section.

  1. What is the official Language of Tripura?
  2. Which Delhi Sulatante ruler implemented the rule of ‘blood and iron’?
  3. Who is the Governor of Himachal Pradesh?
  4. Registrar General-based question
  5. Gidda dance-based question
  6. Demonetisation of 2016 related question
  7. Nuclear Energy Commission
  8. Musical Instruments related question
  9. Asiatic Lion
  10. Cricket Test Match rules
  11. Football
  12. Which governor general banned Sati?
  13. Hemis Festival
  14. Ranji Trophy
  15. Question on Konkan Railways.

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024- Reasoning

As per the reviews of the candidates, the questions from the reasoning section were of Easy level as compared to the other three sections.

  1. Syllogism- 2 to 3 questions
  2. Figure Series- 2 questions
  3. Blood Relation – coded- 3 questions
  4. Letter Series
  5. Figure Counting- 1 question
  6. Direction Test
  7. Calendar- 2 questions

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024- Quantitative

The aspirants depicted the following questions in Quantitative Aptitude section, direct questions has been noted down below.

Q1. If the ratio of the box side is 3:5:8 and the Total surface area is 632 cm square. Find the volume of the box.

Q2. Find tan570°

Q3. If the sides of 3 cubes are 6, 8, and 10 cm then they melt into a new cube. Then find the total surface area.

Q4. Find the average of the natural number from 1 to 69.

Q5. If price = 550, down payment = 250, And after 1 month customer pays Rs.310. Find the Rate of interest.

Q6. 40% of CP = 70% of SP. Find profit percentage?

Q7. If A & B complete a work in 15 days, the same work B & C complete in 30 days and the same work C & A complete in 45 days. So in how many days A, B & C complete the same work?

Q8. Circle of Radius 8 cm. From outside point K, two tangents are drawn as KA and KB. The center of the circle is O and OK is 17 cm. Find the Area of quadrilateral KAOB.

Q9. What is the simplest fraction equivalent of 28%?

Q10. A person spends 10% on rent, 10%  on education, 20% on house and 15% on groceries. Total income is 30 thousand. Find the person’s savings.

Q11. How many circles will pass from points A, B and C if AB = 11 cm, BC = 13 cm and AC = 24 cm?

Q12. Triangle ABC is right angles at B with AB = 15 cm, BC = 20 cm and BD perpendicular to AC. Find the length of BD.

Q13. Two persons M and N have their age in a ratio of 3:1. After 10 years what will be the age of M?

Q.14 The Curved Surface Area of a Cylinder is equal to 352 cm². Diameter = 14 cm. Find Total Surface Area.

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 4th July 2024- English

From the English comprehension section, there were the following questions asked in SSC CHSL 4th July 2024 shift 1 exam.

  1. English Comprehension- 6 to 7 questions
  2. Cloze Test- 5 questions
  3. Antonym- 2 questions
  4. Synonym- 2 to 3 questions
  5. Error Detection- 4 questions
  6. Sentence Improvement
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SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024- FAQs

Q1. Where can I get accurate SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024?

The detailed and accurate SSC CHSL 4th July Exam Analysis 2024 has been discussed by the faculty of Career Power and the same has been updated in this article.

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