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SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024, 20th February Shift 1 Detailed Review

SSC GD Exam Analysis 20th February 2024, Shift-1: As the shift-1 of SSC GD 2024 Exam of 20th February 2024 is over and the candidates whose exam is scheduled for upcoming shifts have been waiting to know what was the level of questions asked in Shift-1. In this article, we have shared the accurate SSC GD Exam Analysis, Review and Questions for shift 1 as per the reviews of the candidates who appeared in the exam. We have provided a detailed section-wise and overall analysis of the SSC GD Constable Exam Analysis 2024 along with overall good attempts and questions asked in the shift.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024

SSC GD 2024 CBT exam is scheduled from 20th February to 7th March 2024. The detailed and exact SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 for Shift-1 held on 20th February 2024 is discussed here in this article. The candidates whose exam is to be held in the upcoming days, or planning to prepare for the next SSC GD Exams, must go through the detailed SSC GD Constable Exam Analysis 2024 for Shift-1. From now onwards, the SSC GD Computer-Based Examination (CBE) is conducted in English, Hindi and in 13 Regional Languages viz. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

SSC GD Constable Exam Analysis 2024 Good Attempts

For 20th Feb, 1st shift, the overall and section-wise good attempts and difficulty level of the exam has been discussed here after connecting with the candidates who appeared in this shift. The section-wise SSC GD 2024 CBE exam’s difficulty level and good attempts is given below.

Subjects Total Marks Good Attempts Difficulty Level
General Intelligence & Reasoning 20 16-18 Easy
General Knowledge & General Awareness 20 10-12 Easy to Moderate
Elementary Mathematics 20 13-15 Easy to Moderate
English/ Hindi 20 16-18 Easy
Overall 80 55-63 Easy to Moderate

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024- Sectional Review

As the first-day first slot of the examination is conducted, it is time to discuss the detailed SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024. Let’s have a look at the detailed Section-wise and overall analysis of the 20th February 2024, first shift. The exam consists of 4 sections with 80 questions in total and 2 marks for each correct answer. There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer in the exam. Below we are going to discuss questions asked in General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Knowledge & General Awareness, Elementary Mathematics, and English/ Hindi subjects.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024- General Awareness

As per candidates’ reviews, the question from General Awareness section was Easy to Moderate. The major area of focus this year was in the field of Current Affairs and Static GK. Static GK was given a higher weightage this time in the General Awareness Section of the SSC GD Exam on 20th February 2024.

  1. Article 34 related question
  2. Panipat 2nd War related one ques
  3. Mohininattam Dance Form belongs to which state?
  4. Bangra Nagal Pariyogna related one question
  5. Who is the 10th Guru of Sikhs?
  6. Buxar war related one question
  7. Agnipath Yojana related one question
  8. Bhakhra Nangal Dam
  9. Jan Dhan Yojana
  10. Article 44 related question
  11. DPSP is taken from which country?
  12. 1 question related to Hampi
  13. Shehnai Vaadak related question (static gk)
  14. High Court Writ Article (static gk)
  15. Who was Myanmar’s president at the time of India Independence?
  16. 2nd Panipat War related question
  17. INC first session related question

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024- Elementary Mathematics

The entire Elementary Mathematics Paper was Easy to Moderate level as compared to other sections. The Elementary Mathematics section was lengthy. A few questions demanded rigorous calculations. Maximum questions were asked from Average, Mensuration, Simplification & Data Interpretation (DI).

  1. Mensuaration: 2 questions, 1 from
  2. 2D- 1 question
  3. 3D- 1 question
  4. Simplification- 2 questions
  5. Average
  6. Profit & Loss- 1 question
  7. HCF and LCM- 2 questions
  8. Simple Interest- 1 question
  9. Compound Interest- 1 question
  10. Time and Work- 2 questions

A few Questions Asked 

1. 2 articles same CP 5000 each. first sold at 10% profit and second sold at 15% loss. Find overall profit/loss.

2. A piece of work A does in 20 days, B in 30 days, C in 60 days. How many days will they take together?

3. An amount is doubled in 13 years, how many years to become 6 times?

4. 7200 rupees distributed between A B C in ratio 1/4:1/2:1/3. find share of C.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024- General Intelligence

The General Intelligence & Reasoning section of the SSC GD 2024 exam was Easy. The number of questions asked from each section has been discussed below as per the SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 conducted by our faculty.

  1. Series- 1 to 2 questions
  2. Dice- 1 question
  3. Analogy- 2 questions
  4. Blood Relation- 1 question
  5. Coding- Decoding- 2 to 3 questions
  6. Dictionary Order- 1 question
  7. Hidden Figure- 1 question
  8. Sitting Arrangement- 2 questions
  9. Syllogism- 2 questions
  10. Mirror Image- 1 question
  11. Counting Triangle- 1 question
  12. Mathematical Operation- 1 question
  13. Paper Folding- 1 question
  14. Miscellaneous- 3 to 4 questions

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 Video Analysis

For detailed SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024, directly connect with the faculty from the youtube channel by clicking the below video link.

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024- FAQs

Q1. Where can I get accurate SSC GD Exam Analysis 20th Feb 2024, Shift-1?

At Careerpower, we have discussed the detailed and accurate SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 and the same is updated in the article.

Q2. What is the overall good attempts for SSC GD Exam of 20th February 2024, Shift-1?

As SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024, the good attempts could range between 55 to 63 for General Category.

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