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How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in JEE Exam?

After completing class 12, individuals who plan to apply for engineering programmes prioritise the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The first phase is JEE Mains, and then JEE Advance marks the second major milestone. Candidates should learn their lessons sooner because JEE Main and Advanced blunders are frequent during the preparation process. Being aware of the IIT JEE Mains and IIT JEE Advanced do’s and don’ts in advance can help you save time and boost your confidence. Candidates can find the 10 typical foolish errors to avoid in the IIT JEE Mains 2024 exam in this article.

How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in IIT JEE Exam?

It is widely known that the most crucial stage for engineering students is JEE Main preparation. The key examination is the subsequent significant event. There is no room for rushing either one because they are both important. Following are the ways to avoid Common Mistakes in IIT JEE Main & Advanced Exam:

1. Read the Questions Carefully

The majority of stupid errors that occur in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams are the result of not attentively reading the questions. As a result, thoroughly read the questions two or three times and make sure you comprehend them. After that, begin to gradually solve it. Never read questions before diagrams and figures, even if they appear familiar.

2. Correctly Write Values and Formulas

When answering a question, be sure to use the correct units and values because using the incorrect ones can modify the answer. Additionally, students should master the formula completely to prevent confusion on the exam when they frequently flip the denominator and numerator in the formulae. As a result, the entire numerical answer is erroneous, and no points are given for the solution.

3. Time Management is Required

Many JEE candidates give time management absolutely no thought. As a result, when they take their final exam, they become anxious at the conclusion. Keep an eye on the timer as you complete practice exams to determine how much time you have left and how much time has been spent on each question. Learn how to answer problems quickly and efficiently. Avoid spending too much time on a single problem; instead, move on to the next. You will save time and avoid having a paper that is both incomplete and unsolvable as a result.


4. Only Focusing on Favourite Subject

Every JEE candidate has a set of favourite subjects and themes in which they excel. But always keep in mind that you must take into account various disciplines and themes in order to perform well in JEE Mains and Advanced. Make an effort to earn at least 70% in each of the three subjects. Practise that subject or chapter a lot if you find it difficult. Consider the topic you hate as a challenge rather than a barrier.

5. Practicing Adequate Number of Questions

The number of errors you make when solving tasks will decrease as you solve more of them. You will get more adept at the concept’s minute aspects the more you practise. Work through a tonne of practice exams and question papers from prior years because doing so will improve your concentration and reduce the likelihood that you’ll make careless errors. Always begin with simple inquiries before moving on to more complicated ones.

6. Calculation Errors should be Minimized

The majority of candidates frequently perform computations incorrectly. The most frequent sources of error are the minus and plus signs, therefore use caution while using them. However, you must exercise extreme caution and double-check your calculations at all times.

Errors are a symbol of practice. You are bound to commit mistakes, but these silly mistakes are alright if committed in the preparation time period. The same mistakes are painful if they reduce your chances of getting into a good college. Therefore, the above-mentioned points should be taken into consideration to avoid silly mistakes and come out with flying colours.

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How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in JEE Exam?- FAQs

Q1. How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in JEE Exam?

Read the complete article as we have discussed a few points on how to Avoid Silly Mistakes that happen in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Exams.

Q2. Why am I making silly mistakes in IIT JEE exams?

It is highly possible that in the actual IIT JEE Exam due to stress or time constraints, the students might be making silly mistakes.

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