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NEET Result 2024 Controversy: PILs Filed in Supreme Court Demanding Justice

The NEET Result 2024 Controversy is at its peak as the candidates who appeared for the exam are not convinced by the behavior and responses from the National Testing Agency (NTA). All the candidates are angry, filled with emotions, and confused over what has happened, what is happening, and what else is going to happen now.

In the latest updates on the NEET Result 2024 Controversy, many top-rated institutions have filled PILs in the Hon. Supreme Court with multiple demands and questions. One of the common and major demands in the PILs is the demand for transparency as the answers given by NTA officials are not satisfactory and the candidates and their parents are losing trust in the organization.

Demands Raised in the PILs by Students

The parents, students, teachers, and the medical fraternity, all are very much concerned about what has happened after the NEET result 2024 announcement. The way it was handled by the organization is way more concerning as they are not every ready to accept their mistakes, they are not ready to even release correct data, they are not answering properly t the questions of aspirants. Therefore, to get answers to their questions many candidates and organizations have taken the legal path and filled PILs in the Hon. Supreme Court.

In the PILs, candidates have raised several serious questions and have made some serious allegations about the responses and actions of NTA about the NEET Result 2024 announcement.

Alligations Marked on NTA NEET Result 2024

NTA director in his press conference quoted that they had given grace marks to 1563 candidates of 6 exam centers of 4 states namely Punjab, Chattisgarh, Haryana, and Delhi. After this announcement, several questions arise if the grace marks were given to the candidates of 6 exam centers then how can 1 exam center get the maximum number of toppers among them?

NTA gave the reference to a judgment given by Punjab & Haryana, Delhi, and Chattisgarh High Court in 2018 for supporting their act of grace marks. But the fact is that the judgment was given for the CLAT exam result and in that judgment it was never mentioned that this pattern can be used for other exams or in coming years.

  • Secondly, if they were to use this grace mark pattern, why was it not mentioned in the rule book?
  • Third, why is this formula used is this year’s result when it wasn’t used in previous years?
  • A very serious allegation regarding the grace marks is that the formula used to calculate the grace marks is not correct and this formula can offer any candidate a sum of 720 marks like any candidate scoring 500 or below it might have also got 720 marks

The merit list released by NTA during result’s announcement contains the number gained by candidates. In that list, multiple candidates had scores of 719 and 718, but if we go by the NEET Result pattern or score calculation method it is mathematically impossible to get scores of 719, 718 and 717 in the NEET Result due to the negative marking. So how can a candidate have mathematically impossible scores?

There are allegations of pepper leak on NTA and in support of this claim many candidates gave the example of an FIR lodged by Patna police on May 04 (1 day before NEET Exam 2024). In the FIR, Patna police mentioned that they have arrested 13 people in connection with the NEET Exam Paper 2024 leak, they also claimed that they received the traces of the leaked exam paper.

The final demand of all the candidates, parents, and other organizations is transparency as they all want to hear the truth, and they all want answers to their questions.

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