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NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice

NTA released the NEET Result 2024 on June 04, but since the announcement, the result has been in the limelight for multiple wrong reasons and this pressurized the National Testing Agency to release a press note clarifying some of those remarks. The result gathered limelight with a statistic showing 67 toppers with 720/720 marks in the NEET Exam. The toppers list showed that Rajasthan and Odisha got the highest numbers of toppers with 11 from both the states.

On June 06, NTA released a press note citing clarification over the candidate’s queries on the NEET Result declaration. In this article, we are going to discuss all the controversy and the clarification issued by the NTA over this. Read the complete article below.

Updates on NEET Result 2024 Controversy

After taking into account the latest ongoing controversy about the NEET Result 2024, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has established a four-member panel to review the grace marks allocated to over 1500 candidates. This decision came after a series of allegations made by the candidates, faculty members, and various other bodies related to the inflation of the mark.

In a press conference conducted by General Subodh Kumar Singh, Director, NTA, it was announced that the four-members panel will be headed by a former UPSC chairman and will submit the reports within a week and if needed the results of these candidates might be reversed.

While addressing the major issue, Mr. Singh clarified that they have analyzed all the things and have found that out of the total 4,750 exam centers the problem is limited to 6 centers only, and 1600 out of the total 24 lakh candidates are affected. He also said that the integrity of the exam wasn’t compromised at all and the system is full proof, therefore, there were no instances of paper leaks.

Alligations over NTA NEET Result 2024

Since the release of NEET Results, candidates, their parents/guardians, and industry experts have raised several serious concerns that are affecting the trust and raising questions about the authenticity of the organizations. Since the result’s announcement, social media platforms are flooded with hashtags like “#NEET”, “#RENEET”, “#NEET_परीक्षा_परिणाम”, “#Neetpaperरद्दकरो”, “#neetscam2024”, and many more. Following these trends people are raising serious allegations about the way results were announced and the response of NTA against all these concerns.

  • NTA needs to find ways to take down the skyrocketing Cut-off marks as if candidates are not getting admission after scoring 620/720 then this is a serious concern.

  • The trust of candidates and parents is affected after the cases of paper leaks and other unfair means

  • Dr. Rohan Krishnan, President of the FAIMA Doctors Association has demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter to make everything clear and regain trust

  • Many experts are raising concerns over the reputation of NTA as if these instances repeat year-by-year neither the candidates nor their parents will have the belief in NTa and won’t allow their kids to appear for the exam

  • NTA has to re-evaluate its pattern and ensure that it doesn’t make the NEET a marathon race where candidates are only getting the burden of scoring 720 if they want admission

NTA NEET Result 2024 Clarification Notice

After facing the heat on various public platforms, NTA has finally released a press release clarifying all the allegations made regarding to the NEET Result.

When the result’s announcement was scheduled for June 16 what made NTA release it on June 04?

Against this question, NTA said that they follow a set pattern of releasing results as soon as possible. They mentioned that the results were announced for the 23 lakh candidates within 30 days of time (record).

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_3.1

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_4.1

How can NTA give grace marks and make any candidate a topper?

The candidates made a very serious allegation of marks inflation leading to the record number of 67 toppers this year. Candidates mentioned that the exam wasn’t this easy that 67 candidates can make to the 1st ranking. Against this NTA clarifies by saying that this year the total appearing candidate’s count was 2,94,701 higher than that of previous year’s, therefore, the larger pool led to the higher number of toppers.

NTA mentioned that they received 13, 373 challenges in the answer key, and following the changes out of 67 toppers, 44 toppers were from the changes made in the physics answer key and 6 were based on the compensatory marks given for the loss of time.

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_5.1

Why were compensatory marks given to certain candidates?

Several candidates raised written complaints against NTA over adding compensatory arks to the total of some candidates. For this, NTA clarified by mentioning one of the verdicts given by the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana, Delhi, and Chhattisgarh, against the concern of loss of time in the NEET exam.

NTA mentioned that candidates from several exam centers complained about the loss of time for which they followed the mechanism/formula established by the Apex court judgment dated 13.06.2018 in W.P. 551 of 2018.

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_6.1

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_7.1

Why is the NEET Cut off so high?

After the NEET results announcement, there were allegations were candidates where complaining that they are not allotted admission even after scoring 620/720. Against such allegations, NTA clarified, the NEET Cut Off is determined based on the candidate’s performance in the exam every year. This year the results have been exceptionally well compared to previous years, therefore, the cut-off mark has to be on the higher side.

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_8.1

There were several cases of cheating and other unfair means 

Reports of cheating and exam paper leaks were out from several exam centers on or before the exam date and this is something that attracted everyone’s exam when happens at such a big stage. On these allegations, NTA clarified, that we have taken all the necessary measures as per the existing laws. The candidatures of all the unfair candidates have been canceled and legal proceedings are going on against them.

NEET Result 2024 Clarification Given by NTA, Check Notice_9.1

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