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NEET Rank Predictor 2024, Marks vs Rank vs Percentile

As we know that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 has been successfully conducted today i.e., May 05, 2024. Now all the candidates who appeared for the NEET Examination must be eager to know how they performed in the examination and are likely to turn to NEET Rank Predictors to gauge their performance. Candidates are informed that the NEET 2024 Rank Predictor generates the probable results which are based on various parameters such as cutoff marks of the previous year, number of seats, category-wise seats, and many others. For more information regarding the rank predictor candidates are advised to go through the complete article below.

NEET Rank Predictor 2024

A NEET 2024 Rank predictor is a valuable tool for aspiring medical students to estimate their potential rank in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. This prediction considers various factors such as exam difficulty, raw marks, and historical data on rank distribution. The rank predictor aids students in evaluating their preparation level and setting achievable goals for securing admissions to medical colleges. These tools will analyze the difficulty level of the exam, individual performance, and historical data to provide an estimated rank range.

Candidates can use this information to understand their chances of securing a seat in their desired medical college and to plan their next step accordingly. The post-exam period is crucial for students as they await their results, and NEET Rank predictors can provide valuable insights and guidance during this time.

NEET UG Rank Vs Marks Obtained

Check your NEET UG All India Rank by marks scored. We have provided a table given below for NEET Rank Predictor 2024.

NEET Rank Predictor 2024
Expected NEET Rank Marks Scored
1-100 705-720
101-200 700-705
201-500 690-700
501-1000 679-690
1001-1500 671-679
1501-2000 666-671
2001-2500 661-666
2501-3000 657-661
3001-3500 654-657
3501-4000 650-653
4001-4500 647-650
4501-5000 645-647
5001-5500 642-645
5501-6000 640-642
6001-6500 637-640
6501-7000 635-637
7001-7500 633-635
7501-8000 631-633
8001-8500 630-631
8501-9000 627-630
9001-9500 626-627
9501-10000 624-626
10001-20000 597-624
20001-35000 568-597
35001-50000 545-568
50001-75000 511-545
75001-90000 494-511
90001-120000 463-494

NEET Rank Vs Percentile

All the aspirants who have appeared for the NEET Exam, can check the Rank wise NEET Percentile in the given table below.

NEET Rank vs NEET Percentile
Rank NEET Percentile
1 – 48 99.99977254 – 99.99727052
97 – 4245 99.99448417 – 99.75861151
4677 – 20568 99.73404618 – 98.83041734
21162 – 48400 98.79664001 – 97.2477732
49121 – 125742 97.20677412 – 92.84978301
126733 – 177959 92.79343059 – 89.88050559
179226 – 241657 89.80845866 – 86.25837041
243139 – 320666 86.17409768 – 81.76558761
322702 – 417675 81.64981212 – 76.24924939
420134 – 540747 76.10942035 – 69.25085979
544093 – 710276 69.06059221 – 59.6107305
715384 – 990231 59.32026822 – 43.69131616
1001694 – 1460741 43.0394819444824 – 16.93614606
1476066 – 1750199 16.0647023500832 – 0.4763513206

Factors Influencing NEET Rank Prediction

Several factors influence the accuracy of NEET Rank Predictors:

  • Exam Difficulty: The difficulty level of the NEET UG exam varies from year to year. Predictors may adjust their algorithms based on historical trends to account for this factor. For the year 2024, the difficulty level of the NEET UG Exam is moderate.
  • Candidate Performance: The predictor relies heavily on the candidate’s performance in mock tests or previous years’ NEET papers. Consistent and realistic mock test scores enhance the accuracy of predictions.
  • Competition: The number of candidates appearing for the exam and their performance also affect rank predictions. Higher competition may lead to fluctuations in predicted ranks.
  • Reservation Category: Aspirants belonging to reserved categories may have different cutoffs and rank calculations. Some predictors allow candidates to specify their category for more accurate predictions.

How is the NEET 2024 Rank Predictor Helpful

A NEET Rank Predictor can provide valuable insights and assist you in making informed decisions regarding your medical education and care path. A NEET 2024 Rank Predictor can be quite helpful for several reasons:

  • The Rank Predictor helps candidates assess their exam performance by converting raw scores into an estimated rank.
  • The NEET 2024 Rank Predictors provide an idea of the expected rank, allowing candidates to set realistic goals and understand where they stand compared to other test-takers.
  • Once you have an estimated rank, you can use it to identify which medical college or university you are likely to get admission to based on the previous year’s cutoff ranks. This can guide your college selection process and help you focus your efforts accordingly.
  • The rank predictor also guides candidates in developing a strategy for counseling and admission processes, ensuring they are well-prepared for subsequent steps in the admission procedure.
  • The Rank Predictor also acts as a motivational tool by giving candidates a sense of achievement and helping them stay focused on their goals during the post-exam waiting period.

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