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How to Convert CGPA into Percentage?

The percentage is one of the most preferred methods while preparing academic results by any institution in India. However, in recent times the use of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) has increased gradually, but this method is still new and confusing for multiple students and their families.

Therefore, more often than not these families find it difficult to understand the results comprising of CGPA. For all those students or parents, in this article, we are going to explain the difference between CGPA and percentage and will also try to explain how to convert CGPA into Percentage. Read the complete article below!

What is CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a number that shows how well you are doing in your studies. Think of it as a way to measure all your grades together. Instead of looking at each subject separately, CGPA combines them to give you one big score. Imagine you have grades in Mathematics, Science, and English. Each grade gets turned into a point. These points are added up and then divided by the number of subjects. The final number you get is your CGPA. It helps teachers and parents understand your overall performance easily. The higher your CGPA, the better you are doing in school.

What is Percentage?

Percentage is a way to show how much out of 100 something is. Imagine you have 100 candies, and you give away some of them. The percentage tells you how many candies you gave away or kept, out of the total 100. For example, if you have 100 candidates and give away 25, you give away 25% of your candies. If you keep 75 candies, you have 75% of them left.

We use percentages to compare things easily. For example, if you score 80 out of 100 on a test, your score is 80%. It is like saying, “I got 80 parts out of every 100 parts right.” Percentage helps us understand and compare amounts quickly and clearly.

Why Convert CGPA to Percentage?

Both CGPA and percentage are commonly used parameters for describing grades or the measurement of academic success. While both are common they both constitute different natures and properties. The CGPA is a average calculation of student’s academic success of a specified time duration while percentage is a basic presentation of a specific subject or course.

CGPA is most preferred by institutions for remarking the higher level of education while percentage is a worldwide preference for the lower or basic level of education. Conversion of CGPA into Percentage makes it easier for everyone to better understand the results and analyze data from different education systems.

How to Convert CGPA into Percentage?

The general method to convert CGPA into Percentage is to multiply the CGPA by the conversion factor. To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5. For example, if your CGPA at the end of a semester is 8.9474, your percentage would be 85%. This formula helps you understand your performance in terms of the traditional percentage scale.

Cumulative Grade Point Average [CGPA]
CGPA Grades Marks
10 A1 91-100
9 A2 81-90
8 B1 71-80
7 B2 61-70
6 C1 51-60
5 C2 41-50
4 D 33-40
0 E1 21-32
0 E2 20 & below

CGPA to Percentage Formula

Converting CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) into a percentage typically involves a simple mathematical formula. Different educational institutions may use slightly different conversion methods, but a common formula used in many systems, particularly in India, is:

Percentage = CGPA* 9.5

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of this conversion process:

  1. Multiply the CGPA by 9.5: This scales the value to a percentage out of 100.

Example Calculation

Suppose you have a CGPA of 8.5. Using the formula:

  • Subtract 0.5 from 8.5:

8.5 – 0.5 = 8.0

  • Multiply the result by 10:

8.0 × 10 = 80%

So, a CGPA of 8.5 corresponds to a percentage of 80%.

Important Notes

  1. Always check if your institution has a specific conversion formula, as some universities might use different methods.
  2. This formula is commonly used but not universally applicable; specific institutions may use alternative methods that involve different multipliers or additional steps.

CGPA To Percentage Conversion Table

Both CGPA and Percentage are ways to show how well you are doing in your studies, but they are different. The table mentioned below will provide an idea of the conversion of CGPA to Percentage.

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Table 
CGPA  Percentage
10 CGPA 95%
9.9 CGPA 94.05%
9.8 CGPA 93.10%
9.7 CGPA 92.15%
9.6 CGPA 91.20%
9.5 CGPA 90.25%
9.4 CGPA 89.30%
9.3 CGPA 88.35%
9.2 CGPA 87.40%
9.1 CGPA 86.45%
9 CGPA 85.50%
8.9 CGPA 84.55%
8.8 CGPA 83.60%
8.7 CGPA 82.65%
8.6 CGPA 81.70%
8.5 CGPA 80.75%
8.4 CGPA 79.80%
8.3 CGPA 78.85%
8.2 CGPA 77.90%
8.1 CGPA 76.95%
8 CGPA 76%
7.9 CGPA 75.05%
7.8 CGPA 74.10%
7.7 CGPA 73.15%
7.6 CGPA 72.20%
7.5 CGPA 71.25%
7.4 CGPA 70.30%
7.3 CGPA 69.35%
7.2 CGPA 68.40%
7.1 CGPA 67.45%
7 CGPA 66.50%
6.9 CGPA 65.55%
6.8 CGPA 64.60%
6.7 CGPA 63.65%
6.6 CGPA 62.70%
6.5 CGPA 61.75%
6.4 CGPA 60.80%
6.3 CGPA 59.85%
6.2 CGPA 58.90%
6.1 CGPA 57.95%
6 CGPA 57%
5.9 CGPA 56.05%
5.8 CGPA 55.10%
5.7 CGPA 54.15%
5.6 CGPA 53.20%
5.5 CGPA 52.25%
5.4 CGPA 51.30%
5.3 CGPA 50.35%
5.2 CGPA 49.40%
5.1 CGPA 48.45%
5 CGPA 47.50%
4.9 CGPA 46.55%
4.8 CGPA 45.60%
4.7 CGPA 44.65%
4.6 CGPA 43.70%
4.5 CGPA 42.75%
4.4 CGPA 41.80%
4.3 CGPA 40.85%
4.2 CGPA 39.90%
4.1 CGPA 38.95%
4 CGPA 38%
3.9 CGPA 37.05%
3.8 CGPA 36.10%
3.7 CGPA 35.15%
3.6 CGPA 34.20%
3.5 CGPA 33.25%
3.4 CGPA 32.30%
3.3 CGPA 31.35%
3.2 CGPA 30.40%
3.1 CGPA 29.45%
3 CGPA 28.50%

Convert CGPA to Percentage – Examples

Converting CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)  to a percentage can vary slightly depending on the educational system. However, a common method used by many universities and institutions involves a simple conversion formula. Here we have mentioned four detailed examples using the widely accepted conversion method where the CGPA is multiplied by a factor (typically 9.5) to get the percentage:

Example 1: Convert 8 CGPA to Percentage

Conversion Formula: Percentage = CGPA × 9.5


8.0 × 9.5 = 76%

So, a CGPA of 8.0 converts to a percentage of 76%.

Example 2: Convert 7.5 CGPA into Percentage

Conversion Formula: Percentage = CGPA × 9.5


7.5 × 9.5 = 71.25%

So, a CGPA of 7.5 converts to a percentage of 71.25%.

Example 3: Convert 9.2 CGPA into Percentage

Conversion Formula: Percentage = CGPA × 9.5


9.2 × 9.5 = 87.4%

So, a CGPA of 9.2 converts to a percentage of 87.4%.

In these examples, the common conversion factor of 9.5 is used, which is a standard adopted by many educational institutions to convert CGPA to a percentage. This method simplifies the conversion process and ensures consistency in translating academic performance across different grading systems.

Why is it Important to convert CGPA into Percentage?

Converting your CGPA into percentages will help you assess your academic performance better. We have discussed other points about why it is important to convert CGPA into Percentages.

  1. Uniform Evaluation: Converting CGPA to percentage provides a common ground for comparing academic performance across different educational systems.
  2. Job Applications: Many employers and job portals ask for percentage scores rather than CGPA.
  3. Higher Education: Some universities and colleges, especially abroad, require percentage scores for admissions.
  4. Scholarships: Certain scholarships have eligibility criteria based on percentage marks.
  5. Clear Understanding: Percentages are more widely understood and easily interpreted by a broader audience.
  6. Standardization: It helps in standardizing academic results, making it easier for institutions to assess applicants fairly.

CGPA to Percentage for Engineering

The conversion from CGPA to percentage for engineering needs to multiply 7.5 into CGPA and then additions on 11 to it.

Percentage = 7.25 * CGPA +11

This is the standard method to converting CGPA to percentage for engineering used by most of the universities while drafting student’s results.

How to Calculate CGPA out of 4 GPA?

The conversion of CGPA out of 4 GPA requires dividing the percentage by 25. For example, if we have a percentage of 80%, to get a CGPA out of it, we need to divide 80 by 25. The result will be 3.2, so 3.2 in the CGPA out of 4 GPA. This process can be implemented to calculate the CGPA out of 4 GPA across most of the Indian Universities.

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CGPA into Percentage: FAQs

Q1. How do you convert 7.6 CGPA to percentage?

Ans. To calculate the 7.6 CGPA to percentage, candidates need to multiply 7.6 with 9.5 and the final outcome will be 72.2. Therefore, the percentage of 7.6 CGPA is 72.2%.

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