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NEET Result Controversy 2024: SC Asks major Questions to NTA, Next Hearing on July 11

As the latest update in the NEET Result 2024 controversy, hearing multiple pleas filed by the candidates and their supporting groups, the Supreme Court asked multiple questions and directed the NTA and the central government to answer them.

  • What are the steps taken by the examination authority to identify the beneficiaries of the leak?
  • What are the steps taken in place to identify the center at which the leak has been reported or claimed to have happened?
  • How did the leaks happened?
  • When and where did the first leak happened?
  • Did the manner in which exam papers leaked disseminated?
  • What was the time duration between the leak of exam paper and the conduction of exam on May 05?
  • What are the steps being taken by the examination body and the government to ensure that no such incident happens next time?

While giving a statement to one of the pleas, CJI DY Chandrachud said “Let us not be in self-denial. Self-denial is only adding to the problem“.

In a statement, the court also hinted that Re-Neet is also an option “If the sanctity of the examination has been lost, if we are not able to identify candidates who are guilty of wrong-doing, a retest has to be ordered“.

The hon. court has ordered the examination authority and the investigating agencies to collect all the evidence and get back with valid answers to all the questions.

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