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Report Writing Format, Examples for Class 10 to 12

Report Writing Format, examples for Class 10 to 12: One of the important topics to discuss and practice is the Report Writing Format for Class 10th to 12th. It enables students to improve their writing skills, analytical, research and critical thinking ability. A report is nothing but a formal document on a specific topic that revolves around a piece of information, findings, or results of some investigation or research. The structure of a report consists of an introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. In this article, class 10th to 12th students can get to know more information on report writing format with the examples.

What is Report Writing?

Report writing is like telling a story about facts. Imagine you are sharing details with someone who wasn’t there. Start with what happened, include important details, and end with conclusions or recommendations. Use clear language, organize information logically, and be concise. Reports help others understand a situation or make decisions based on the presented facts. A report is essentially a formal document focused on a particular topic, encompassing information, discoveries, or outcomes derived from an investigation or research process.

A report is of two different types:

  1. Narrative report– This provides descriptive information on an incident or event that has already occurred.
  2. Tabular report– This provides more statistical information on a specific analysis of an incident.

While writing a report you need to be more careful as each and every subheading of a report conveys a message. Hence it is difficult when compared to essay writing. 

Report Writing Format

An effective presentation of information in a Report is crucial to capture the reader’s interest. The author or writer should have a clear understanding of the report’s structure and present the details in a sequential manner.

The structure of a report follows a format that consists of basic elements such as:

  1. Title of topic and table of contents
  2. By-line description
  3. Introduction
  4. Detailed description of the event
  5. Conclusion

However, each and every report is unique and follows its own format, there is no specific/standard format for the report. The language used in the report should be very accurate, concise, clear, well structured, free of jargon and of uniform tense preferably past tense.

  1. Title of topic and table of contents

The title should be expressive and easily understandable as it signifies the entire crux of the report in a single line. It should be very clear in language and free of jargon.

  1. By-line

This includes the name of the person writing the report, but this does not include any personal information about the reporter generally.

  1. Introduction

This provides a short and crisp description of the entire report. This should be answerable to the 5Ws questions such as What, Why, When and Where along with Who.

  1. Detailed Description

This can be divided into shorter paragraphs, which provide detailed information on the event that took place.

  1. Conclusion

The whole crux of the report is covered shortly in conclusion. The conclusive part can be the final decision-making of an incident/event or analysis statement.

Report Writing Examples

Q1. As an initiative to celebrate World Environment Day this year, Your school conducted various activities to commemorate and celebrate the day. Write a report about it in about 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Sita/Ram. (10 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2017]

On 5th June 20xx, our school celebrated World Environment Day from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the school campus. Our school organized various activities to celebrate the day. Mr. Mahesh, our Educational minister inaugurated the celebration by giving a useful speech on protecting the environment. Students have organized and displayed various stalls that reflect various environmental essences such as recycling of waste products, pollution control methods, and waste management methods through PowerPoint presentations and dramas.

An interesting debate was conducted revolving around the topic “Green India in the years to come.” Many students have participated and expressed their views prudently. The winners were given trophies and one of our school students won the same. Students also participated in dances, singing, and dramas that were themed on preserving our environment. At the end of the celebration, our principal distributed saplings to encourage tree plantation at an individual level.

Finally, the celebration came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Headmistress, and we all dispersed quickly after our National anthem.

Q2. A commerce student recently launched a product called “oatlicious” for their Entrepreneurship project. They have set up a company to produce the product and also worked on designing the advertising and marketing strategies. In about 150-200 words write a report on its enterprise and launch.

Oatlicious – The new product of the Entrepreneurship project by Akshara

A new product called ‘malicious’ is launched by commerce students for a new breakfast for their Entrepreneurship project. The product tasted delicious just like its name, at the same time healthy. So the students carried forward in setting up the company and also designed its marketing and advertising strategies.

They designed a product box that displays a bowl of these delicious oats with milk and fruits. This picture attracts a huge crowd who wish to have healthy stuff for their breakfast. Thus their innovative advertising skills can get a good place in the market. Also, they gave oat packets for free for the first 15 students. The students also shared their experiences and how they have come up with innovative ideas to develop this product. They have also revealed that they did part-time jobs to sponsor this project successfully. They are also getting offers from many companies and now they are very happy and thankful for the response they got.

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Report Writing- FAQ's

Q1. Is report writing informal?

Ans. No, report writing is written only in formal language.

Q2. What is the structure of report?

Ans. The basic structure of report consists of Heading

Q3. How is report writing useful to students?

Ans. Report writing enable the students to improvise their analytical, thinking and research skills.

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