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Gandhi Jayanti Special Offer By Sankalp Bharat, Use Code SB25

Mahatma Gandhi Ji is known as the Father of the Nation and his birthday falls on 2nd October which is celebrated as “Gandhi Jayanti”. Every year Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2, in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi Ji and his good deeds and sacrifices. The whole country celebrates the birthday of the Father of the Nation enthusiastically and recalls his bravery in the freedom battle from British domination. During his era, Gandhi Ji played a significant role in motivating and advocating for independence.

Gandhi Jayanti Special Offer By Sankalp Bharat

As Gandhi Jayanti is around the corner, therefore, Sankalp Bharat has come up with an interesting offer of a 25% discount on all its batches and test series of NEET & JEE Mains. If you are planning to enrol for Sankalp Bharat’s Online classes, this is the best opportunity to grab as we are offering an amazing discount of 25% off on all our batches, live classes, and test series products.

Use Code SB25 to avail 25% off on all Batches & Products by Sankalp Bharat in lieu of the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti


The batches at Sankalp Bharat Includes:

The batches at Sankalp Bharat comes up with the following benefits-

  1. Live Classes: Interactive online classes conducted by experienced educators to explain concepts, solve problems, and provide exam tips.
  2. Video Lectures: Pre-recorded video lectures on various topics to facilitate self-paced learning.
  3. Study Material: Comprehensive study material such as PDFs, eBooks, and practice questions to aid in exam preparation.
  4. Mock Tests: Full-length mock tests and practice tests designed to simulate real exam conditions and assess your readiness.
  5. Quizzes: Regular quizzes and tests to evaluate your understanding of specific topics.
  6. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Live or recorded sessions where students can ask questions and clarify doubts.
  7. Study Plans: Customized study plans and schedules to help students stay organized and cover the syllabus effectively.
  8. NCERT and Summary Lectures: Detailed NCERT and Summary Lectures, are essential for various competitive exams, especially NEET and JEE Mains.

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Gandhi Jayanti Special Offer By Sankalp Bharat- FAQs

Q. Is Sankalp Bharat offering any "Gandhi Jayanti Offer"?

Yes, Sankalp Bharat has come up with "Gandhi Jayanti Offer" of 25% discount on every batch and products.

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