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CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024: The CBSE Class 12th English Exam 2024 has been successfully conducted today i.e., February 22, 2024 by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The CBSE Class 12th English exam 2024 was conducted from 10:30 am to 01:30 pm. As the English exam has been successfully conducted students can check the complete CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 that has been shared in the article below. The direct link to download the CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 with Solutions for all the SET 1, 2 and 3 has been updated below.

Class 12 English Answer Key 2024

As the exam is successfully conducted the CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key will work as a guidebook that shows correct solutions for each question asked in the CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2024. However, it is essential to remember that the answer key may not always be accurate, so cross-checking with the official sources is very important. The CBSE Class 12th answer key helps students compare their answers, understand their mistakes, and learn from them. The answer key comprises solutions for all the different sets of question papers, making it a valuable tool for self-assessment.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024

After the completion of the Class 12 English 2024 exam students must be eagerly waiting for the answer key. Here, we have provided the complete set-wise CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024. The students are informed that the solutions that are provided by our internal experts must be considered provisional.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024
Exam Conducting Body Central Board of Secondary Education
Name of Examination CBSE Class 12th Board Exams 2024
Category Answer Key
CBSE Class 12 English Exam Date 2024 February 22, 2024
CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 February 22, 2024
Mode of Answer Key Availability Online Mode
Official Website https://www.cbse.nic.in/

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_3.1

CBSE Class 12 English Sample Answer Key 2024

CBSE Class 12 English Core Exam Answer Key (SET 2)

1. Read the following passage carefully :

(1) As a young adult, life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Juggling among school, work, social life, and other responsibilities, it can be easy to feel alone and disconnected from the world around us. Dogs are the ultimate companions for anyone looking to alleviate stress and loneliness. We’ll explore many reasons why dogs make the best companions for young adults.

(2) Unconditional love: Dogs are known for their loyalty and love for their owners, no matter what. They don’t judge us, criticize us, or hold grudges against us. No matter how flawed or imperfect we may be, our dogs will always love us unconditionally. This kind of unwavering support and affection can be incredibly comforting for young adults struggling to find their place in the world.

(3) Social connection: Dogs are great ice-breakers and conversation starters. Whether you’re walking them in the park, taking them to the dog beach, or simply hanging out at home, dogs have a way of bringing people together. For young adults who may feel isolated or disconnected from their peers, having a dog by their side can be a great way to connect with others and form new friendships.

(4) Increase physical activity : Dogs require regular exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. This means that young adults who own dogs are more likely to engage in physical activity themselves. Whether its going for a run, playing frisbee, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, getting out with your dog can be a great way to boost your mood and energy levels.

(5) Emotional support: Dogs are also great emotional support animals for those struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Their presence alone can provide a sense of calm and comfort, and their ability to sense their owner’s emotions can be incredibly comforting. For young adults dealing with mental health challenges, having a dog as a companion can be a life-changing experience.

(6) Improve responsibility and self-care: Owning a dog also comes with a great deal of responsibility and self-care. Dogs require regular feeding, grooming, exercise, and attention, which can be a great way for young adults to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Additionally, having a dog as a companion can encourage young adults to take better care of themselves, such as making sure they get enough sleep, eat healthy, and engage in regular exercise.

(7) For all these reasons and more, dogs make fantastic companions for young adults. Whether you’re looking for emotional support, social connection, increased physical activity, or simply someone to love and be loved by, a dog can provide all these things and more. So the next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, consider finding a furry friend to take on the world with you.

Answer the following questions, based on the above passage:

Qi- What is the significance of owning a dog for a young adult who is striving for acceptance in society?

(A) It means increased physical activity.

(B) It builds a sense of responsibility.

(C) It helps young adults get more sleep.

(D) It is a source of unconditional love.

Qii- A dog can encourage its owner to lead a healthier life by__________

Complete the above sentence appropriately, in about 40 words, with a characteristic or description.

Qiii- Share evidence from the text, in approximately 40 words, to support the view that dogs provide a sense of calm and comfort to those struggling with mental health issues.

Qiv- Explain in about 40 words the statement that ‘dogs are great ice-breakers’.

Qv- Which of the following activities help(s) young adults, owning a dog, build their sense of responsibility and self-discipline?

(A) walking the dog daily

(B) feeding it regularly

(C) engaging the services of a dog trainer

(D) Both (A) and (B)

Qvi- What does this article aim to do?

(A) Explain the benefits of owning a dog.

(B) Provide advice on how to get a dog.

(C) Discuss how to take proper care of a dog.

(D) Describe the experiences of dog owners.

Qvii- Select the option that is similar in meaning to the phrase take on the world’.

(A) travel the world

(B) accept a responsibility

(C) to be pessimistic

(D) have a global outlook

Qviii- What does the underlined part in the sentence “consider finding a furry friend to take on the world with you” refer to ?

Qix- What is the tone of the article?

(A) critical but supportive

(B) indifferent and bored

(C) positive and informative

(D) humorous and casual

2. Read the following passage carefully:

(1) Without specialised equipment, humans would be lost in these deep-sea habitats, so how do fish make it seem so easy? Much of this is due to a biological phenomenon known as electroreception – the ability to perceive and act upon electrical stimuli as part of the overall senses. This ability is only found in aquatic and amphibious species because water is an efficient conductor of electricity.

(2) One fascinating use of electroreception has been observed between the weakly electric fish. When two such electric fish meet in the ocean using the same frequency, each fish will then shift the frequency of its discharge so that they are transmitting on different frequencies. Doing so prevents their electroreception faculties from becoming jammed.

(3) Electroreception can also play an important role in animal defenses. Rays are one such example. Young ray embryos develop inside egg cases that are attached to the sea bed. The embryos keep their tails in constant motion to pump water and allow them to breathe through the egg’s casing. If the embryo’s electroreceptors detect the presence of a predatory fish in the vicinity, however, the embryo stops moving (and in doing so, ceases transmitting electric currents) until the predator has moved on.

(4) Many people fear swimming in the ocean because of sharks. Sharks hunt with extraordinary precision. They initially lock on to their prey through a keen sense of smell. As the shark reaches in proximity of its prey, it tunes into electrical signals that ensure a precise strike on its target; this sense is so strong that the shark even attacks blind by letting its eyes recede for protection. In areas where shark attacks on humans are likely to occur, scientists are exploring ways to create artificial electroreceptors. These would disorient the sharks and repel them from swimming beaches.

Answer the following questions, based on the above passage:

Qi- Infer the advantage that aquatic or amphibious species have over human beings. Answer in about 40 words.

Qii- A possible use for electroreception that will benefit humans is to:

(A) use water as it is an efficient conductor of electricity.

(B) act on electrical stimuli.

(C) change electrical frequency to prevent it from being jammed.

(D) jam electrical frequencies.

Qiii- Explain in about 40 words the use of electroreception between the weakly electric fish.

Qiv- Identify a young ray embryo from the following:

(A) It fears electric signals.

(B) It keeps its tail in constant motion.

(C) It stations itself on land.

(D) It disorients sharks.

Qv- Complete the sentence appropriately. A shark hunts with accuracy because…………

Qvi- Why does a shark recede its eyes when it attacks?

Qvii- In areas where shark attacks on humans are likely to occur, scientists:

(A) suggest putting barriers.

(B) are exploring ways to create artificial electroreceptors.

(C) suggest blinding them.

(D) are exploring ways to warn swimmers.

Qviii- State True or False. The title ‘Understanding Electroreception and its Uses is – Significant for Human Beings’ is appropriate for this passage.


Creative Writing Skills (18 marks) 

Attempt any one of the two, (a) or (b), in about 50 words.

(a) As Principal of Gyan Mandir School, Gyanpur, draft a notice in not more than 50 words informing the students of the extension in school timings, with effect from 1st of April, 2024. State valid reasons. Invent necessary details. You are Reena/Rakesh.


(b) The RWA is organizing a two-hour workshop on Digital De-addiction and JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out. Draft a notice informing residents about it and requesting them to attend, along with their children. Invent necessary details. You are Kiran/Krishna, Secretary of the RWA.

4. Attempt any one of the two, (a) or (b), in about 50 words. 

(a) Create a formal invitation inviting parents of the students of B.M. Public School, Shribagh, to a book launch. The book ‘Experiences’ is a compilation of stories written by students of classes 6 to 10. Renowned author Janaki Pillai will be the Chief Guest for the event. Invent necessary details.


(b) The Literary Club of Geetanjali Public School, Prithvi Nagar is putting up the play, “Waiting for Godot’. You have been invited to be the guest of honour at the function. Create an appropriate reply congratulating the students and accepting the invitation. You are Sumita/Sanjay Gupta.

Attempt any one of the two, (a) or (b), in 120-150 words.

(a) You are Shalini/Sarabjit, a qualified and experienced chartered accountant. You saw the given advertisement in a newspaper and wish to apply for the position advertised. Write a letter to Parkinson Associates along with your bio-data, expressing your interest in the advertised post.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_4.1


(b) You are Ashish/Akanksha, living in Aram Bagh. Apart from environmental pollution, you often feel concerned about the rising level of noise pollution all over the city. Write a letter to the editor of a local daily expressing your views on the same. You may use the cues given below along with your own ideas.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_5.1

6. Attempt any one of the two, (a) or (b), in 120-150 words.

(a) Lack of open space and a growing craze for computer and video games have resulted in obesity in the youth of metropolitan cities. Recently you visited your cousin in a small town where you enjoyed many outdoor games. You want to share your experience. Write an article about the joys of playing outdoor games for your school magazine. You are Sakshi/Sohan. You may use the given cues along with your ideas.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_6.1


(b) There was an “Each One Teach One” camp held in your school during summer vacations. As student editor of the school magazine, write a report on the camp. You are Sneh/Surbhi. You may use the following cues along with your ideas to write the report. Invent necessary details.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_7.1



Literature (40 marks)

7. Read the following extracts and answer the questions for any one of the given two, (a) or (b): 

(a) I saw my mother,

beside me,

doze, open mouthed, her face

ashen like that

of a corpse and realized with


that she was as old as she

looked but soon

put that thought away, and

looked out at Young

Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling

out of their homes. (My Mother at Sixty-six)

Qi- The phrase ‘ashen like that of a corpse’ gives the impression that the mother is

(A) frustrated

(B) depressed

(C) dead

(D) weak

Qii- State whether the following statement is True or False, with reference to the extract.

“The mother was suffering from some fatal disease.”

Ans: False

Qiii- Which of the following themes is best represented in the given extract?

(A) Life is short and one must enjoy it

(B) Ageing and Mortality

(C) Sleeping and Playing

(D) Art of Parenting

Qiv- Pick the option in which the word ‘spilling’ is used in the same sense as in the extract.

(A) Rahul was responsible for spilling the beans by telling everyone the secret.

(B) He opened the bag, spilling all its contents on the table.

(C) Try to keep that crowd from spilling onto the main street.

(D) The cat spilled all the milk.

Qv- The phrases Young Trees sprinting’ and ‘merry children spilling represent:

(A) Youth

(B) Old age

(C) Disease

(D) Travel

Qvi- Complete the sentence appropriately. ‘She was as old as she looked.’ The repetition of the word ‘as’ suggests that


(b) What I want should not be confused

with total inactivity.

Life is what it is about;

I want no truck with death.

If we were not so single-minded

about keeping our lives moving,

and for once could do nothing,

perhaps a huge silence

might interrupt this sadness

of never understanding ourselves

and of threatening ourselves with death.

Qi- Which of the following themes is best represented in the given extract?

(A) Silence alleviates sadness of our life.

(B) Life and death are part of our existence.

(C) We must keep our lives moving.

(D) Life is stressful and monotonous.

Qii- State whether the following statement is True or False, with reference to the extract. The poet feels that quiet productivity in place of all activities is desirable.

Qiii- The sadness being referred to (line 9) is due to:

(A) failure to understand ourselves.

(B) failure to understand others.

(C) loss of peers in life.

(D) inability to achieve what we desire.

Qiv- The poem has been written from the point of view of a/an:

(A) environmentalist.

(B) feminist.

(C) social activist.

(D) linguist.

Qv- Based on the rhyme scheme, which of the following does not rhyme with line 1?

(A) cruised

(B) complaint

(C) mused

(D) bruised G

Qvi- Complete the sentence appropriately.

In ‘Life is what it is about’, the poet is talking about

8. Read the following extracts and answer the questions for any one of the given two, (a) or (b):

(a) To make sure, I walked over to a newsboy and glanced at the stack of papers at his feet. It was The World; and The World hasn’t been published for years. The lead story said something about President Cleveland. I’ve found that front page since, in the Public Library files, and it was printed June 11, 1894.

I turned toward the ticket window knowing that here -on the third level at Grand Central – I could buy tickets that would take Louisa and me anywhere in the United States we wanted to go. (The Third Level)

Qi- Why does the narrator resort to wishful day-dreaming and want to travel back in time?

Qii- The year 1894 holds so much importance because

Qiii- The World, the news about President Cleveland they hint at? what do

(A) The narrator used to like reading the newspaper.

(B) The narrator fantasizes about past events.

(C) The narrator wants to escape to a world that was unaffected by the two World Wars.

(D) The narrator tends to forget things.

Qiv- Give one reason why the writing style of the extract can be called autobiographical.


(b) But at this moment the door opened and she looked out, a dark-blue woolen haori over her kimono…. He had met Hana in America, but he had waited to fall in love with her until he was sure she was Japanese. His father would never have received her unless she had been pure in her race. (The Enemy)

Qi- Complete the sentence appropriately. Hana was attired in

Qii- With reference to the above, how will you describe Dr. Sadao as a son?

(A) indifferent

(B) obedient

(C) defiant

(D) practical

Qiii- What is ‘this moment’ all about? It is a moment of:

(A) emotional turmoil.

(B) tranquility.

(C) agitation.

(D) conflict.

Qiv- From the extract, what can you infer about Dr. Sadao and Hana’s relationship?

9. Read the following extracts and answer the questions for any one of the given two, (a) or (b):

(a) For a moment I thought of running away and spending the day out of doors. It was so warm, so bright! The birds were chirping at the edge of the woods; and in the open field back of the sawmill, the Prussian soldiers were drilling. It was all much more tempting than the rule for participles, but I had the strength to resist and hurried off to school. (The Last Lesson)

Qi- List two sensory details present in the extract.

Qii- Why is the narrator tempted to spend the day out of doors?

Qiii- Complete the sentence appropriately. I hurried off to school resisting

Qiv- Why does the narrator want to bunk school?

(A) He doesn’t like the teachers.

(B) He doesn’t like his classmates.

(C) He wasn’t prepared for the test on participles.

(D) He had forgotten to complete his homework.

Qv- Which trait of the protagonist is revealed in the sentence ‘I had the strength to resist’?

(A) sincerity

(C) bravery

(B) determination

(D) kindness

Qvi- Which of the following headlines best suggests the central idea of the extract?

(A) The Drilling of Prussian Soldiers

(B) The Rule of Participles

(C) Strength to Resist

(D) Out of Doors


(b) My introduction to the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool revived unpleasant memories and stirred childish fears. But in a little while I gathered confidence. I paddled with my new water wings, watching the other boys and trying to learn by aping them. I did this two or three times on different days. (Deep Water)

Qi- Identify the phrase from the given extract that bears evidence to the fact that the narrator’s association with ‘childish fears’ was not a recent one.

Qii- How does the writer try to learn it? Mention any two ways.

Qiii- What did the Y.M.C.A. pool bring back to Douglas?

(A) Unpleasant memories

(B) Memory of a boat

(C) Meeting a bruiser of a boy

(D) Memory of his visit to the Yakima River

Qiv- The two emotions of Douglas mentioned in the given extract are and

Qv- Why did Douglas ape the other boys?

Qvi- The writing style of the extract is autobiographical because

Answer any five of the following six questions in 40-50 words each: )

Qi- How is Mukesh different from other boys of his age? (Lost Spring)

Qii- Why did Gandhi say: “Freedom from fear is more important than legal justice for the poor”? (Indigo)

Qiii- Stephen Spender’s visit to the Gemini Studios was viewed as an unexplained mystery by the Gemini family. How did Ashokamitran solve this mystery years later? (Poets and Pancakes)

Qiv- What do you understand by “interstices”? How does Umberto Eco utilize his interests? (The Interview)

Qv- Explain how “The tigers in the panel…. Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.” (Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers)

Qvi- ‘Resignation was no sudden thing. What is the implication of this remark in the context of Sophie’s character? (Going Places)

11. Answer any two of the following three questions in 40-50 words each: 

(i) What were the two ‘amazing’ things of the royal infant? (The Tiger King)

(ii) What are Geoff Green’s reasons for including high school students in the ‘Students on Ice’ expedition? (Journey to the End of the Earth)

(iii) Why does Derry not like being with people? (On The Face Of It)

12. Answer any one of the following two questions in 120-150 words:

(a) Compose an oral presentation to be shared with your peers on what Gandhi’s advice (Indigo) would be to the bangle makers of Firozabad (Lost Spring).


(b) Umberto Eco (The Interview) has a talk with Danny Casey from the story “Going Places”. Danny, being a football prodigy, feels his popularity may affect his game as he can’t devote much time to it. What advice will Umberto Eco give Danny about time management? Write a paragraph on the interaction between the two and the advice given by Umberto Eco.

13. Answer any one of the following two questions in 120-150 words:

(a) Physically impaired people have to suffer pain and a sense of alienation due to the behavior of people around them. It’s ironical that people who should be treated with empathy are either avoided or pitied. Discuss. (On the Face of It)


(b) In the two stories of Bama and Zitkala-Sa in the lesson of “Memories of Childhood” there are certain similarities of strength in the face of social challenges. Write a diary entry sharing your observations.

Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 CBSE (SET 1)

1. Read the text given below :
(1) Five enterprises received approval and grants for prototype development of sustainable educational toys.
(2) The government authorities, educational institutions, and EdTech start-ups are planning to introduce state-of-the-art, made-in-India educational toys that not only throw light on Indian values, and civilizations, but also help in developing children’s critical thinking, and decision-making skills.
(3) “One such enterprise is working on different types of projects that can teach children how electromagnets and magnetic fields work. These projects can resolve a lot of issues in many schools in tier two and three cities that don’t have proper infrastructure. Another is working on an excavation site to teach children about ancient Indian civilizations. It has implanted a few artifacts at the site, which the children will have to find so that they are able to learn how to preserve and label artifacts. Another start-up has proposed to create miniaturized labs for schools in tier 2 and 3 cities where children can learn concepts of Physics. “We will ensure that these prototypes are developed within a year and then the production can be scaled up,” says the senior manager of the project talking about the importance of indigenously-built educational toys.
(4) Playtime is vital for the cognitive development of children and toys are an essential component that helps enhance specific cognitive abilities and skill sets. “Well-designed toys ignite students’ curiosity, increase focus, and can be very beneficial in helping them master a skill and enhance understanding. These can be in the form of visuals, auditory aids, kinesthetic, or a mixture of all three,” says HOD, Early Childhood Education.
(5) Toys offer an engaging avenue to teach mathematical, verbal, and problem-solving skills. “Toys that engage students in experiential learning enhance their special awareness and fine motor skills. Those designed for two or more players help students develop better social skills as they learn to negotiate, settle differences, etc, with their peers.”
(6) Experiential gadgets and toys enable students to learn faster and retain lessons longer. “A child’s interest is piqued when he is taught in a contextual framework as opposed to rote learning. The Indian education system has been witnessing several innovations with the development of toys and gadgets that can be used and felt in person or through VR platforms across subjects, be it Science, Technology, Math, or Engineering.

Answer the following questions, based on the passage given above:

(i) By tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the author refers to

(A) Metro cities
(B) Cities with huge population
(C) Underdeveloped cities
(D) Cities with less population

(ii) Complete the sentence with evidence from the text.
The made-in-India educational toys serves dual purpose of___________.

Answer: promoting Indian values and civilizations while also developing children’s critical thinking and decision-making skills.

(iii) The author’s point of view that can be inferred from the above passage is that_________.

(A) educational toys are a booming business.
(B) educational toys are meant to entertain children.
(C) educational toys will replace teachers.
(D) educational toys will make education more pragmatic.

(iv) Complete the following sentence appropriately:

Educational toys enhance the personality of children by_________.
Answer: promoting specific cognitive abilities and skill sets.

(v) Read the five headlines (a)-(e), given below:
(a) Sustainable Educational Toys are Developmentally Appropriate.
(b) Sustainable Educational Toys Promote Free play.
(c) Sustainable Educational Toys – Free and Widespread.
(d) Sustainable Educational Toys – Experiential Learning.
(e) Sustainable Educational Toys – Hinder Interaction with people.

Identify the option that displays the headline that DOES/DO NOT correspond with what the passage highlights.

(A) only (e)
(B) (a) and (b)
(C) (c) and (e)
(D) only (d)

(vi) What evidence do you gather from the passage to state that the educational system is revolutionized by educational toys ? Answer in about 40 words.

Answer: Educational toys offer opportunities for hands-on learning in a variety of subject areas, which transform the educational system. Students learn more effectively and efficiently with these toys because they encourage hands-on learning.

(vii) Explain in about 40 words, how education at the grassroots level is benefitted by these projects.

Answer: By building miniature labs and excavation sites, the projects listed in the passage address infrastructure problems in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. As a result of these projects, students have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying through practical experience.

(viii) As opposed to learning by heart, experiential toys

(A) ignite interest
(B) challenge the teachers
(C) replace textbooks
(D) confuse learners

(ix) Playing is usually considered a distraction. Is it justified on the part of the narrator to assert that playing is an important aspect of education? Write your answer in about 40 words.

Answers: In fact, the narrator is right when he says that play is an essential part of education. By igniting children’s interest, sharpening their focus, and enhancing particular cognitive abilities, well-made toys promote their cognitive development.

2. Read the text given below:

(1) People below the age of 20 and above the age of 50 are more likely to believe fake news. Those relatively new to the use of the Internet still do not grasp the concept of fake information over these platforms, reveals a new survey ‘Countering Misinformation in India’ This survey has been conducted jointly by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).
(2) At least 40% of the respondents believed in ‘misinformation’ received over social media if it came with leading backgrounds and evidence, while 34% of them believe the information when it is shared by a trustworthy organization.
(3) The dominant factor that drives people to forward such information is their belief that it might benefit others and help in their safety. In fact, that was the response of almost 50% of the respondents. This was compounded by the fact that at least 20% of the respondents expressed their lack of trust in conventional media thus their faith in contents shared by common people over social media.
(4) But even then, newspapers still remain the top source of information for most. (At least 53% of the respondents trust what is generally perceived as neutral media and only 29% trust technology and social media platforms.
(5) However, what was surprising was that almost 45% of the respondents did not even know about the existence of fact-checking organization and most did not even know that journalists had to verify data before they let it out/ Only 26% of the respondents believe that it is the responsibility of the media to curb or identify fake news. Many respondents also put the responsibility of identifying such fake news on an individual.
(6) The survey has found that first time or early users of the Internet platforms are more susceptible to fake news than others. There is a need for building capacities and creating a National Civic Digital Literacy Strategic Plan.

Answer the following questions, based on the given passage:

(i) Select the option that comes under conventional media:
(A) Instagram
(B) Newspaper
(C) Facebook
(D) E-mail

(ii) Select the correct option:
One factor that prompts people to believe fake news is that

(A) it supports their point of view
(B) they are biased
(C) it is from a reliable site
(D) it has more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’

(iii) What according to the passage are the intentions of people who share information?

Answer. The passage indicates that people share news with the intention of helping others and ensuring their safety

(iv) Why is it important for journalists to give authentic background and evidence in their reporting?

(v) Complete the sentence appropriately:
The threat faced by the new entrants in social media is

(vi) Explain your understanding of the difference between ‘misinformation’ and ‘fake news’.

(vii) As per your inference drawn from para (1), which category of people fall as victims to fake news?

(viii) What is the blame game that goes on in fixing the onus of identifying fake news?

7. Read the following extracts and answer the questions on ANY ONE of the given two.

(a) Sometimes I feel myself I can hardly bear……

(A Roadside Stand)

(i) Select the option that has the same literary device as in “The sadness that lurks near the open window there’.

(A) Lucy moved across the room like a warship sailing into battle.
(B) Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
(C) The water-wraith was shrieking.
(D) The pen is mightier than the sword.

(ii) They prayed for the stopping of a car. When one car finally stopped, it brought_________to the people of the roadside stand.
(A) help
(B) happiness
(C) disappointment
(D) cash flow

(iii) Explain one inference that can be drawn from the line, “……childish longing in vain’.

(iv) Complete the sentence appropriately.
The emotion of the poet reflected in the above extract is _______________.
Answer: disappointment

(v) The expression ‘selfish car’ suggests that ________________.

(vi) Based on the rhyme scheme evident in the last two lines of the extract, which word would rhyme with last line?
____ _____ ______

brass reply sound

Answer: sound


(i) Select the correct option.

The impact of ‘merry children’ on poet’s mind

(A) caused anxiety
(B) created a sense of longing
(C) brought comfort
(D) reminded her of her own childhood

(ii) The tone of the poet expressed in the above lines is

(A) sadness and helplessness
(B) excitement and eagerness
(C) appreciation and gratitude
(D) anger and anxiety

(iii) The words ‘wan, pale’ indicate the mother’s ______________.

(iv) Complete the following sentence appropriately.
The poet looked at her mother again to ____________.
Answer: observe her appearance or condition after the airport’s security check.

(v) Explain one inference that can be drawn from the line ‘felt that old familiar ache’.

(vi) ‘put that thought away’.
What is the intention of poet that can be inferred from the above line?

Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 PDF Download

Students who appeared for the CBSE Class 12th English exam can get an overview of the exam score and the overall performance in the Class 12 English examination. After completion of the exam, students will be looking for the Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 for the English Exam. The official exam conducting authorities will not release any answer key for the CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2024, but our subject expert’s faculty have specially designed the correct answer key for the questions asked in the CBSE English Exam for Class 12. The CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 PDF can easily be downloaded from the direct link that has been shared here.

CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024, Question Paper Analysis Set 1,2,3,4_3.1

CBSE Class 12 English Core Answer Key 2024 PDF 
Class 12 English Exam Paper 2024 SET Answer Key Link
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SET B Soon
SET C Soon

CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2024 PDF Download

Students can now be able to check the complete CBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2024 PDF with the answer key from the direct link that has been shared in the article below.

CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Paper 2024 PDF 
Class 12 English Exam Paper 2024 SET Question Paper Link
SET 1 Class 12 English Core SET 1 Exam Paper 2024 PDF
SET 2 Class 12 English Core SET 2 Exam Paper 2024 PDF
SET 3 Class 12 English Core SET 3 Exam Paper 2024 PDF

Class 12 English Exam Paper Analysis 2024

All the students appearing in the Class 12 English Exam, can analyze their estimated score by watching the below video on Class 12 English Exam Paper Analysis 2024.

CBSE Class 12 English Marking Scheme 2024

CBSE Class 12 English Exam 2024 is a total of 100 marks per subject. CBSE Class 12 Results will be prepared by calculating both the theory and practical exam marks. Practical exams are conducted internally by schools and have a weightage of 20 marks. Students need to score a minimum of 33% marks in each subject and in aggregate to pass the exams.

CBSE Class 12 English Core Marking Scheme 2024

Sections  Marking Scheme Marks
Section A (Reading Skills) Each question is typically worth 1 to 2 marks. MCQ, one-word, fill-in-the-blank, and one-liner questions. 22 Marks
Section B (Creative Writing Skills) Marks are allocated based on the quality of writing and the correctness of grammar. 18 Marks
Section C (Literature Textbook and Supplementary Reading Text Marks are distributed among different types of questions, such as short-answer, long-answer, and essay-type questions. 40 Marks
Total 80 Marks
Parameters for Assessment The listening and speaking skills are to be assessed on the following parameters:
a. Interactive competence (Initiation & turn taking, relevance to the topic)
b. Fluency (cohesion, coherence, and speed of delivery)
c. Pronunciation
d. Language (grammar and vocabulary).
20 Marks
Total 100 Marks

CBSE Class 12 English Elective Marking Scheme 2024

Section Marking Scheme Marks
Section A- Reading Skills Passage one (12 Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions, out of 15). 12
Poem (4 out of 5 multiple choice questions / Objective Type Questions) 4
Passage two (4 out of 5 multiple choice questions / Objective Type Questions). 4
Section B- Grammar and Writing Applied Grammar (Eight multiple-choice questions / Objective Type Questions, out of ten) 8
Creative Writing (Three Long Writing Tasks, out of four, to be answered in 120-150 words each ) (5×3)15
One Long Writing Task out of two to be answered in 120-150 words. 5
Section C- Literature and fiction Textbook 22
Reference to the Context One Prose extract, out of two 6
One Poetry extract, out of two 6
One Short Answer Question, out of two 2
One Short Answer Question, out of two (40-50 words) 3
One Long Answer Question, out of two (120-150 words) 5
Fiction One Short Answer Question, out of two (30-40 words) 2
One Short Answer Question, out of two (40-50 words) 3
One Long Answer Question, out of two (120-150 words) 5
Total 80 Marks
Seminar Presentation
Poetry reading
Conducting a theater workshop
20 Marks
Grand Total Marks 100 Marks

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CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024

Q1. What is the exam date for CBSE Class 12th English Exam 2024?

Ans: The exam date for CBSE Class 12th English exam 2024 is February 22, 2024.

Q2. How can i check the CBSE Class 12 English Answer key 2024?

Ans: All the students can check the CBSE Class 12th English Answer Key 2024 in our article.

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