Math Formulas: Revising all important mathematical formulas at a glance boosts up solving mathematical problems. Learn all math formulas at your fingertips and master the technique of solving integration, determination, calculus, trigonometrical, and geometrical problems within minutes. Maths formulas are not only important for CBSE Class 6 to 12 students but for candidates who are preparing for competitive examinations. Practice these formulae by solving as many questions to understand the concept of particular formula in a better way. 

Math Formulas

Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division don't need any math formula to be remembered but to solve higher-level mathematical problems related to geometry, integration, etc. some formulae are to be learned. For helping the students and aspirants who are preparing for government exams, we have listed all important Maths Formulas in this article, go through the article and practice unsolved questions with the formulas. Writing math formulas, again and again, can help you to remember for longer.

Whether it be arithmetic, algebra, calculus, differential equations, geometrical or anything in between, when Maths formulas are on your tips, you can solve lenghthy questions in just few seconds. 

Geometry Formula

The list of important Geometry Formulas in Maths has been tabulated below. 

Important Geometry Formulas
Volume of CylinderArea of Equilateral Triangle
Area of TriangleArea of Trapezium
Area of SquareArea of Rectangle
Area of CircleTrigonometry Table
Area of ParallelogramPerimeter of Square
Perimeter of Rectangle 

Arithmetic Formula

The list of important Arithmetic Formulas in Maths has been tabulated below. 

Important Arithmetic Formulas
Profit and Loss FormulaDifferentiation Formula
Mean-Median FormulaCompound Interest Formula
Mensuration FormulaRatio-Proportion Formula
Mean-Median Mode FormulaDifferentiation Formula
 Compound Interest Formula

Algebra Formula

The list of important Algebra Formulas in Maths has been tabulated below. 

Important Algebra Formula
Algebra Formulas(a+b)³ formula
a²-b² Formulaa³-b³ formula


Maths Formulas: FAQs

Ans. The complete list of important maths formulas has been listed in the article.

Ans. Math Formulas are important for students preparing for competitive Exams and Board Exams so that they can solve time-consuming maths problems on finger tips.

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