Class 12 English Answer Key Term-1 

English Class 12 Answer Key for Term 1 Out: Our team has released the complete CBSE answer key 2021-22 for Term-1 English exam Class 12 soon for today's English Term-1 Exam. Class 12 English answer key 2021-22 with correct responses to the MCQs asked in the Term-1 Exam is available here along with the questions. The students can match their responses attempted in the exam from the correct answers which has been provided by us here and calculate how many marks can be expected in the exam. 

English Class 12 Answer Key 2021

Though the official English Class 12 MCQ Term-1 Answer Key is released after the exam is over for all subjects. However, for the satisfaction of students, we have provided an Unofficial answer key of English Term-1 here. As per students' reviews, today's English Term-1 Exam was Easy and doable. English Class 12 Answer Key 2021-22 for the Term 1 exam is given below in this article.

English Class 12 MCQ Term-1 Answer Key
Exam Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education
Exam NameCBSE Class 12 English 
CategoryAnswer Key
Exam Date03rd December 2021
Unofficial Answer Key03rd December 2021
Official Answer KeyTo be notified
Official Website

English Class 12 Question Paper with Answer Key

The students can download today's English Term-1 Exam (Set-4) from the below link and check the English Class 12 Term-1 Answer Key fro the same from the below table. 

Section C (Literature)

(Literature) This section has sub-sections V, VI, VII, VIII & IX. There are a total of 30 questions in the section. Attempt any 26 questions from section V - IX. Read the extract given below to attempt the questions that follow: Mukesh insists on being his own master. "I will be a motor mechanic", he announces. Do you know anything about cars ?' I ask. "I will learn to drive a car,” he answers, looking straight into my eyes. His dream looms like a mirage amidst the dust of streets that fill his town Firozabad, famous for its bangles. Every other family in Firozabad is engaged in making bangles. It is the centre of India's glass-blowing industry where families have spent generations working around furnaces, welding glass, making bangles for all the women in the land it seems. Mukesh's family is among them. None of them knows that it is illegal for children like him to work in glass furnaces with high temperatures, 

Q31. What does the author try to convey by the expression 'being his own master'? 

(a) Mukesh is disobedient to the elders. 

(b) Mukesh is adamant in his behaviour.

(c) Mukesh takes his own decisions. 

(d) Mukesh does not listen to others.

Answer- C

Q32. Through the expression “... looking straight into my eyes' the narrator is trying to convey. 

(a) Mukesh displayed no fear in his eyes. 

(b) Mukesh was not feeling shy while speaking to the narrator. 

(c) Mukesh was conversing in a very friendly manner with the narrator. 

(d) Mukesh displayed his courage and determination in expressing his opinion. 


Q33. His dream looms like a mirage.' This indicates

(a) Mukesh has no clear vision of his dream.

(b) His dream is distorted and misleading.

(c) His dream is illusive and elusive.

(d) Mukesh's dream is different from others.

Answer- C

Q34. None of them knows that it is illegal for children to work in glass furnaces." Select the inference in reference to the above statement.

(a) The children are innocent and do not realise the hardships of life.

(b) Their illiteracy and ignorance are exploited by unscrupulous businessmen.

(c) They have no one to support them legally to get out of the situation.

(d) The children are ready to work in glass furnaces due to their poverty

Answer- B

Q35. Select the option that lists the facts about Firozabad.

i. Almost all the families are engaged in bangle making.

ii. The children work as motor - mechanics.

iii. The children work in hazardous situations.

iv. Firozabad is the centre for carmakers.

(a) i & ii

(b) ii & iii 

(c) i & iii 

d) ii & iv

Answer- C

VI. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:

I went to the pool when no one else was there. The place was quiet. The water was still, and the tiled bottom was as white and clean as a bathtub. I was timid about going in alone, so I sat on the side of the pool to wait for others. I had not been there long when in came a big bruiser of a boy, probably eighteen years old. He had thick hair on his chest. He was a beautiful, physical specimen, with legs and arms that showed rippling muscles. He yelled. “Hi Skinny ! 'How'd you like to be ducked?

Q36. What impression do you form about the narrator?  

(a) He is a beginner at swimming lessons. 

(b) He has made friends during his swimming lessons. 

(c) The big boy was well built and handsome. 

(d) The narrator lacks courage and confidence to enter the pool 

Answer- D

Q37. The description of the big boy by the narrator is one of

(a) Complaint

(b) Admiration 

(c) Criticism

(d) Poise 

Answer- B

Q38. Select the option that lists the probable reason for the big boy's behaviour towards the narrator. 

(a) his intention to frighten the narrator. 

(b) his desire to give him a surprise. 

(c) The place was quiet and odd. 

(d) The narrator was skinny and alone. 

Answer- A

Q39. The figure of speech in the expression 'as white and clean as a bathtub is — tub is 

(a) Metaphor 

(b) Alliteration 

(c) Smile

(d) Irony 

Answer- C

Q40. The writing style of the narrator indicates that the passage can be classified under

(a) Interview

(b) Autobiography 

(c) Fiction

(d) Short story 

Answer- B

VII. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :

What I want should not be confused with total inactivity Life is what it is about; I want no truck with death. If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving - and for once could do nothing perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness of never understanding ourselves and of threatening ourselves with death.

Q41. The poet's intention in the first line is to

(a) give warning to the readers 

(b) give the right direction to the readers 

(c) give choice to the readers 

(d)give a clarification to the readers

Answer- D

Q42. Select the option that best explains the stand of the poet in the expression : "I want no truck with death".

(a) He advises people to escape death.

(b) He asserts that death is inevitable.

(c) He assures that he does not advocate death. 

(d) He expresses his desire not to die. 

Answer- D

Q43. Select the option that aptly describes the tone of the poet in the expression : "If we were not so single minded'. 

(a) regretful

(b) critical

(c) encouraging

(d) friendly

Answer- A

Q44. According to the poet who is to blame for the condition of threatening ourselves with death ?" 

(a) Stressful life

(b) Keeping quiet

(c) Lack of understanding

(d) State of confusion 

Answer- C

Q45. The tone of the poet in the expression “perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness” is

(a) unsure yet optimistic 

(b) sure and confident 

(c) poetic & melodramatic 

(d) hopeful but not confident

Answer- A

VIII. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow : 

"You are well”, Sadao agreed. He lowered his voice. "You are so well that I think if I put my boat on the shore tonight, with food and extra clothing in it, you might be able to row to that little island not far from the coast. It is so near the coast that it has not been worth fortifying. Nobody lives on it because in a storm it is submerged. But this is not the season of a storm. You could live there until you saw a Korean fishing boat pass by. They pass quite near the island because the water is many fathoms deep there.' The young man stared at him, slowly comprehending. 'Do I have to he asked?' "I think so", “Sadao said gently. "you understand it is not hidden that you are here." 

Q46. The arrangements of food and clothing by Dr. Sadao portrays him as

(a) a kind and compassionate person 

(b) an experienced sailor 

(c) a good event organizer 

(d) a good advisor 

Answer- A

Q47. 'not been worth fortifying' indicates that it _ 

(a) has been left uncared for and neglected. 

(b) can be easily spotted by the Korean boats. 

(c) will be easy for the white man to enter the 

(d) is dangerous to stay there alone. 

Answer- A

Q48. The speaker's tone in the expression: "Do I have to ?" is

(a) pleading

b) commanding 

(c) irritated

(d) fear and doubt

Answer- D

Q49. “But this is not the season of storm." Dr. Sadao tries to

(a) explain the situation 

(b) assure him of safety 

(c) educate him on climate 

(d) display his knowledge

Answer- B

Q50. it is not hidden you are here." Dr. Sadao's intention is :

(a) /to explain why he cannot stay there anymore.

(b) to remind him that he has tried to hide his presence.

(c) to explain that it is necessary and good for both of them. 

(d) to assert that his house is not a hiding place.

Answer- A

IX. Attempt the following : 

Q 51. "I had counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being  seen.” In the light of Franzs statement select the option that rightly brings out his intention. 

(a) He tried to avoid his friends. 

(b) He tried to cheat his teacher M. Hamel. 

(c) He did not want to face the villagers in the class. 

(d) He wanted to escape M. Hamel's scolding. 

Answer- D

Q52. The poet Kamala Das brought in the image of 'spilling children' the intention 

(a) of praising children. 

(b) of reminiscing her childhood. 

(c) of bringing in a contrast to the mood of the poet. 

(d) of making her mother happy and cheerful.

Answer- C

Q53. “The stunted, unlucky heir of twisted bones'. 

Select the option that best explains the expression: 'unlucky heir'.

(a) legacy to inherit the father's possessions.

(b) unlucky to live in a slum. 

(c) unfortunate to inherit his father's disease.

(d) unfortunate to study in dim classroom.

Answer- C

Q54. Select the option that aptly describes Hana as a wife:

(a) Hana is very possessive about her husband.

(b) Hana is a very caring and responsible wife. 

(c) Hana is a very dominant wife. 

(d) Hana is a very fussy and nagging wife

Answer- B

Q55. She did not wish to be left alone with the white man. This thought of Hana reveals the fact that 

(a) Hanashates white man 

(b) White men are dangerous. 

(c) War makes people enemies. 

(d) Hana is timid and cautious

Answer- D

Q56. "And then sheer, stark terror seized me". Which of the following options has used the same figure of speech a in the underlined phrase above? 

(a) Sea waves roared frighteningly on a stormy night 

(b) Fear is a poison. 

(c) He roared like a lion in 

(d) I am frightfully sorry formy mistakes.

Answer- A

Q57. The young men echo the lament of their elders.' Select the option which indicates Anees Jung's view on young men. 

(a) They don't take any initiative. 

(b) They are as poor as their elders. 

(c) They are as helpless as their elders. 

(d) They don't support their elders.

Answer- C

Q58. 'would put on clean clothes.' What does Pablo Neruda mean by clean clothes" ? 

(a) white dress to reflect peace. 

(b) mind without courage and confidence 

(c) mind without confusion and fear 

(d) mind without hatred and prejudice 

Answer- A

Q59. But the jump made no difference? Select the option that reflects the tone of Douglas. 

(a) fear

(b) regret 

(c) anger

(d) grief

Answer- A

Q60. Suppose you were condemned to death and the next day I had to have my operation ?"  The tone of the General indicates he is 

(a) worried about Dr. Sadao as he is a good scientist. 

(b) working against the law and order of the country 

(c) uncertain about his health condition 

(d) selfish and dependent on Dr. Sadao for his treatments

Answer- D

English Class 12 Term-1 Question Paper (Set D)- Download PDF

English Class 12 Answer Key for Term-1 Exam 

As our faculty solved the English Class 12 MCQ asked in today's exam, we have updated the English Class 12 Answer Key below. We have provided answers to all Sections (Questions as in Class 12 English Set-4). 

English MCQs for Class 12 Term 1- Answer Key (SET-4)
Q1- CQ2- AQ3- BQ4- CQ5- D
Q6- DQ7- DQ8- AQ9- BQ10- C
Q11- BQ12- Q13- AQ14- AQ15- C
Q16- Q17- DQ18- AQ19- DQ20- C
Q21- CQ22- BQ23- DQ24- BQ25- D
Q26- CQ27- CQ28- CQ29- CQ30- A
Q31- CQ32- DQ33- CQ34- BQ35- C
Q36- DQ37- BQ38- AQ39- CQ40- B
Q41- DQ42- DQ43- AQ44- CQ45- A
Q46- AQ47- AQ48- DQ49- BQ50- A
Q51- DQ52- CQ53- CQ54- BQ55- D
Q56- AQ57- CQ58- AQ59- AQ60- D

CBSE Answer Key 2021-22 Class 12 English Term-1 

The unofficial CBSE 12th Class English Answer key for the English paper is to be provided here, so bookmark this page if you had your English exam today. We have also provided Class 12 English MCQ for Term-1 where we have provided questions from all three sections- Reading, Writing, & Literature. The pattern for English Term-1 Exam according to new Class 12th English Syllabus is as follows- 

1. Section A (Reading) is consists of 18 questions and candidates have to attempt any 14 questions.

2. Section B (Writing Skills) is consists of 12 questions and students have to attempt any 10 questions.

3. Section C (Literature) is consists of 30 questions and students have to attempt any 26 questions. 

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